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I have $600 to spend on electronics(courtesy of SHE-WHO-MUST-BE-OBEYED aka wife). I am looking at subwoofers. I see the the Rocket ELT-1 with 200W amp is $299 and the Rocket UFW-10 is $599. Is it best to have 2 200W amps or 1 500W amp. My room is 11 x 31 ft for now with hopes and dreams of moving system downstairs to basement where room will be 20 x 30. Please help.
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Old 01-05-2004, 06:36 PM
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Most "experts" will argue that it is more difficult to get two subs working properly together than it is with one larger sub.

As for ELT versus UFW-10, you may also want to consider SVS and Hsu subs. Both seem to get a lot of positive feedback on these forums.

If you're willing to go a bit more $, the Hsu VTF-3 (or upcoming VTF-3 MK2) or the SVS PB2-ISD appear to be a step up from the subs you mentioned (at least as far as extension and SPL).

Another sub to consider is the upcoming UFW-12.
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Old 01-05-2004, 06:56 PM
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That is an awfully big room to fill with bass. My vote would be to go with one of the offerings from SVS for this application as they will have more output than either of the Rocket subs that you are looking at. I would go for a 25-31pci if you are mostly into HT. You should be able to get very good output down to about 22hz in room and that should cover about 98% of the DVD's on the market today...

If you are more into music than I would suggest going with the Rocket UFW-10 as SPL isn't the #1 concern. The UFW-10 is definitely more articulate due to it's sealed cabinet. I am able to get good usable output down to about the 24-25 hz range in a 20x20 room. It is also more versitile IMO due to the built in parametric EQ as you will be able to tame a room hump if needed. I would also give the WAF to the UFW-10 as it is really a joy to look at.

Good luck with your decision! :cool:
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Old 01-05-2004, 10:41 PM
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the ufw is far and away better than the elt1-- I heard both of them, and there were some remarkable differences.
1) the ufw is _tight_. For music, it's just incredible-- you can hear plucked bass strings reverberating.
2) the elt has a port, and suffers from 'port noise'. That is, in a bass-heavy scene, air is moved through the port quickly to produce the bass, and the sound is not unlike a window open in a fast-moving car. if you're sitting in front of the woofer, you also get a large amount of air moving across you, kind of like a vacuum cleaner. at modest levels in the Matrix, this was an annoyance on the elt, not present on the ufw.
3) the ufw has a built-in eq, which is nice if you're into tweaking.
4) the ufw just looks better-- it's the same weight, but a smaller package, and has piano finish on the top and mahogany-ish finish around it. I would bet, for spousal approval factor, the ufw would definitely win. elt just looks like, well, a wooden sub-- nothing special or fancy there.

just to repeat some of hectic's points...
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