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That said, simply to buy something due to cones size is silly. There are good and bad in pretty much every size. It's all a matter of execution.
Ain't that the truth.
Unfortunately with all the hyped up marketing dribble that is commonly repeated within forums we have created a lot of spec sheet junkies who fail to see that its the "sum of the parts" that make or break a subwoofer design. Its not just all about having the biggest number.
I would like to add a sub to my existing setup but wonder if going with 2 smaller subs would be better than one larger.
IMHO most people will find (in an average room) that cancellations and other side effects make mutiple positioning of two subs a difficult balance to achieve. Its certainly easier in some rooms, but the room tends to play havoc with getting a good coupling effect along with a smooth seated response. Using a 1/12 octave TEF certainly helps in the setup of multiple subs in difficult rooms. The average person will simply find that the smoothest and easiest method is to stack them in the same ideal "single sweet spot" they had one sub positioned.

You cant really go wrong with stacking them to gain at least the headroom advantage.

But then (with all things being equal) your going to be better off choosing the larger subwoofer straight out of the box - as you will get much more headroom and depth. Multiple subs in multiple positions for room acoustics certainly has some merit, but it can get expensive and should not to be taken as a given or an easy path to success. In fact it can get a lot like a dog chasing it's tail. As I have mentioned to more than one audio friend doing mutiple subs for getting better room balance "Oh well" you can always use the other sub in your bedroom system.

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