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galois427's Avatar galois427 08:00 PM 12-04-2004
What is a good subwoofer for under $200 that will match nicely with my energy c5s? i'm not looking for tons of bass but something that is clear and musical.

iamtarun's Avatar iamtarun 06:58 PM 12-05-2004
i have energy c3 as mains and I am also in a similar search.

i was reading in some threads about dayton which is a 200$ speaker (online - partexpress).

it would be nice, if somebody can give their opinions on parining energy c5/c3
with dayton.
afrogt's Avatar afrogt 12:06 PM 12-06-2004
I don't have the Energy speakers but the Dayton should work fine. I have it paired with Athena AS-B2 and B1 bookshelf speakers. Any decent (non boomy) subwoofer should work fine with your speakers irregardless of brand.

The price is still $99 at Parts Express but I don't know for how much longer.
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