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I have my sub in the rear left corner of my living room right beside my couch. I'm unable to place it at the front end because the left front corner doesn't have enough room for the sub to fit and the right end of the front wall is open to the the kitchen and dining room (no corner). I have found that if i face the sub toward the centre of the room that I don't get as much bass as when I turn the sub toward the back wall. Is that the way you're supposed to setup a sub when it's in a corner or when it's in the back of the room? I'm trying to figure out why the bass is deeper and louder when I turn the sub around. The reason i'm asking is because when it's facing the wall the back of the sub with cables and control knobs are visible and i'd like to be able to hide them.

On another note is there a recommended distance that a sub should be moved away from the corner to get better sound? My sub is the Axiom ep125 which is an 8" woofer.

Thanks in advance for any advice.
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The sub changes its sound when you rotate it because you are changing the distance from sub to wall. Keep in mind it is the cone's position that matters, not the center of the enclosure, so rotating it does not keep the distance equal.

Even slight changes in sub location can make an enormous difference and experimentation is key. Try putting the sub in your listening chair (and up a couple of feet to approximate where your head would be), then move your ears to some potential sub locations. The spot where the low frequencies are deep yet smooth is the best starting position for the sub. You will note that the sound gets louder (though not necessarily better) when your head is right against the wall, floor, ceiling or exactly in the middle of the room.


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