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I thought I would share my experiences with the Velodyne SPL 8000
(brand new Series II I think)
MSRP: $1000

I have had for 1 week and will be returning next week.

Size & Looks: awesome - the best look at the smallest size available.
Tiny cube sized box with cool Blue light when on ; heavy weight means this sub does not move an inch even when playing deep bass.
Power: 1000 Watt Class D Amp. 2000 Watt Dynamic Power.

It did not test this sub to its limits, but it never seemed strained, quick looks at my SPL meter had it reading 95 or so with perfect clarity so I am sure higher limits are obtainable.

For a small to medium room this is probably the perfect sub.
Unfortunately I have quite a large family room setup /
2 story ceiling in a open floor planned 24" x 15" wood floored room and I will be returning this sub next week as it could not fill the room with sound like I had hoped.

I need something that I will feel in my chest, but will not knock pictures off the wall in the room next door.
Any suggestions...
One thing I love about this sub is how clean the sound is, never muddy and the thing doesn't move or ever reach it's end point when it shouldn't.
Equally good for movies and music but in my room not dramatic enough for either.
My front speakers have built in 12" 300 Watt Subs, and connected those both to the LFE line I get overall more bass that I can feel but not as clean and more things everywhere are vibrating - therefore althought the Velodyne is cleaner and tighter bass I will be returning it.
The size is the limiting factor not the wattage I think, this Velodyne sub has an 8" woofer and when compared to 2 subs with 12" woofers the sound is not as powerful.

What I like and dislike about the sub I think is related.
The woofer is located in the front and therefore does not hit any walls or surfaces, this is good becuase it prevents walls from shaking and rattling things in the house (I want bass to sound clean and deep, not hear something shake - to me those are 2 different things)
My fronts have the subs on the sides, and it will cause things to shake at loud levels which is annoying and no longer sounds clean.
However this lack of vibrating walls also results in not having the power or depth of bass to hit me hard in the chest when watching.
Short of deadening walls which won't be happening at my house, is there any happy medium?

In closing, for someone looking for an accurate sub in a wife friendly size and has a small to medium listening room, consider this sub on your short list.

The 10" version lists for $1500 and $2500 for the 12".
Same amp, different size woofer.

I would love to upgrade to the 12" but cannpot spend more than $1K.


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I forgot to mention that Movies are much more important sound wise than music for me.

and that if getting the sound that I want means moving to a larger footprint, so be it, I am willing to go with a larger sub - the wife will forgive in a few months.

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Keep me posted as to what you decide. My room dimensions are identical: 2 story room, 14x25, but the floor is 95% carpeted. I have Martin Logan Aeons and am looking for a sub that can fill the room. I listen only to music in that room.
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Take a look at the Velodyne DPS 5000R. The sub your using now is
designed for rooms where space is at a premium. I have spoken to
people who own the 5000R and they rave about it. Because it has
a large bass reflex driver it is designed to produce higher outputs then
the less efficient sealed designs and I have been told it is also very
clean and accurate. I have set up a thread comparing it to the SVS
12PB PLUS and I hope to get some reviews. I suggest you go on the
Velodyne support thread and contact Curt who was responsible for introducing the 5000R and I am certain he will be very helpful. I personally like Velo.subs because of the way they sound and I assume you do too. I am certain they have one that will meet your needs. Good luck.


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