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Originally Posted by neutro View Post
Most likely YPAO set the sub levels differently on each of your subs (which is okay), and at lower levels only one wake up from standby because line level is higher. I have the same problem with my dual Plus. They're kind of overkill for the room so the levels are very low, and the one that is set lower sometimes doesn't wake up. I either turn it on manually or temporarily bump up the volume until it's on.

Didn't know there actually was a way to use the sub in Pure Direct mode on Denons.

You still haven't told us what bookshelves you're using; they may require a higher crossover.

Also with Pure Direct you won't get the benefits of Audyssey room correction so the sub will likely be more affected by room modes and the like.

I am using the Focal Chorus 807V bookshelf speakers. Below are the specs of the 807V:

Type: 2-way bass reflex bookshelf loudspeaker
7" Polyglass mid-bass
1" TNV inverted dome tweeter
Frequency response (±3dB): 50Hz-28kHz
Sensitivity (2.83V/1m): 92dB
Nominal impedance: 8 ohms
Power handling: 160/110W
Dimensions (HWD): 17-5/8" x 9-1/3" x 13-1/8"

What would be the best Crossover for these speakers? Right now, I have the Crossover at 80Hz from the Denon receiver.

Thanks for any advice!
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Finally Finished the basement remodel, after a long 10 months, carpet goes in tomorrow.. I was hoping for a Pb 12 plus in the outlet center but I cannot wait any longer! Placed the order for dual Pb 2000. Fingers crossed that I feel what I expect to feel in just shy of 4000 cubic feet.

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Originally Posted by carguy85 View Post
Space is also my enemy.
My room have my RF-7 II setup in right now is 9 x11.I am trying to get myself the PB13 Ultra.Space is still a problem for me.I i am saying to my brain space is just space. not going to kill you if you can just move something out of your space that you dont use in that room.I say look in your room and look at what you have that you dont use.And move it somewere else.I say go for the pb13 ultra.If you have the money do it.You get the best of both worlds.Ported and's the kind of king's from SVS.And its a subwoofer that give's you ton of power.and will make you happy down the road even more.
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I've had my PB1000 for about 4 weeks now, absolutely LOVVEEEE it. Bass punches you in the gut and is super clean. The only problem now is that I want a second one real bad, but someone may not be too pleased!!!!
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Originally Posted by PWH1 View Post

I agree... In regards to music the PB 2000 plays it when its there. You should give the sub more time so that you can become more acclimated to it and consider the material being played as the culprit not the sub. I came from a boomy sub that I thought was pretty damn good --- LMAO x2. Enter SVS... (yes I am a fanboy! ) If the source material is there the PB its playing it accurate - your settings/room ascetics/positioning could also be a factor. For music, you want the sub to be part of the show, not the whole show. Dependent on material you may get a chest punch vs. a more subtle punch.

Yes coming from a Boomy x2 SUB you will think there is something wrong with the SVS...I would give it a week or 2 to get accustomed to it.

The PB2000 has more authority in movies vs the sealed version. I can feel the movies in my couch, I cannot say the same for the SB2000 I had.

I watched Need for Speed with my 2 boomy subs when I had them hooked up and I thought it sounded great, well I re-watched it last night with the SB2000.... it was like watching a brand new movie, but I was a mind reader and knew what was going to happen before the scene arrived on screen
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