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Originally Posted by Smitho22 View Post
Cheers mthomas, is it safe to assume that setting the xo at say 40-60hz the PB will deliver eveything i hope it will and more to compliment my set up?
I think it will, particularly with your towers giving you some mid-bass support with a 60Hz crossover. I probably wouldn't go lower than that.
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Couple more considerations, around whether these subs will be a noticeable upgrade from your speakers. First, for music, I doubt any of these subs will give you much of anything. Maybe the deepest synthesizer notes, pipe organs if you're into that, and a bit more presence in the kick drum and bass guitar. Most of the difference will be with movies. I'm not familiar with Yamaha, but where does your LFE signal go when you don't have subs attached? Is it piping through your mains? If not, then pretty much any sub should sound great for movies, as you'll be experiencing the LFE channel for the first time :-) Also, while your mains will go to 35 Hz, will they produce 35 Hz at 115 dB? Or just 35 Hz at reference (85 dB)? I'm guessing that even fed 400W, they can't produce 115dB at 35 Hz, or even 50 Hz. To experience the full effect of the LFE channel, your speaker needs to reproduce peak sounds 30 dB higher than your nominal volume (normal voices, or what your center channel produces). Even if you listen at -10dB from reference, your LFE channel needs to produce 105 dB, or more if you like to run your sub hot (bumped up a few dB). So I would think either sub would do more justice to material below 50 or 60 Hz than your mains could. Another reason to set your crossover to at least 60 Hz, or even 80 Hz when you have a sub, even with those mains.

Now, as a bit of an aside, while I have small satellites rather than nice floorstanders, I did recently upgrade from inexpensive Energy ported 8" subs that go to 30 Hz, to the SB2000's. So maybe that correlates a bit to what you'll experience by adding a sub to your setup. I demoed them side-by-side for multiple movies, and to tell you the truth I couldn't really tell much of a difference. There was some extra material / rumbles I could hear / feel down really low on the SB2000's, but explosions, engine roars, etc all seemed about the same. Maybe the SB2000's were a bit sharper? Or maybe my hearing is just going bad in my old age, though my 11 year old was with me and she couldn't tell much difference either. Or maybe those 8" subs were super-good for the money, as they do shake pictures on walls on the other side of our house and my wife couldn't understand why I wanted better ones. Or I should have gotten PB2000's instead :-) The biggest difference was in REW testing, in which the SB2000's clearly won. But actual movie experience (using 4.5-5 star movies per Data-Bass forum), at least at the 70-75 dB levels we watch at, there wasn't much difference, and I almost returned them.

So how does that help you? Dunno, probably just made you more confused! I guess my advice is to not expect a night-day difference in movie watching by adding either sub to your particular setup, unless you watch your movies really loud. You've got really good mains fed by lots of power, which most people don't have when they add a sub and then go "wow what a difference!" IMO either choice will be a nice addition to your setup, but not a "wow" addition (unless your LFE channel isn't going to your mains now), and each has advantages/disadvantages.

I do think you need to mock up the PB13U for your wife before pulling the trigger on it though, to stay out of the doghouse. And keep in mind that bulk will also limit placement options, which might make the bass nulls worse.

And remember, this choice is a first world problem to have :-)
Good luck - either one will be enjoyable.
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Originally Posted by Smitho22 View Post
Thanks Alan P, yeah i have been pricing them up because the box will delivered to an adjacent garage 50 yards away and it's about 79kg, i attempted to lift my wife up and i felt a twinge lower back, i told her to lose some weight, she aint happy, lol!
Have you thought about the PC13 Ultra? Much easier to move around.
I have two of these, they are awesome!
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