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OK, I grew up listening to hiphop / rap, but...

Since I finished "growing up" and started working in the live sound industry, I opened my horizons to all spectrums of music!

I now live in an apartment complex (4 apts per bldg) and the isolation from one apt to the next is stunning! (at least for regular frequencies, but supposedly bass passes right through the walls) I used to have a CV 12" in a home-built box (talk about raw old day stuff!) powered by the surround channel of my old Onkyo receiver (which had pre-ins and main-outs, so I can use any amp channel for any use). Obviously, I NEVER listened to things loud (with that setup), and its mostly for tv and occasional movies, and SOMETIMES music. (unfortunately I don't get enough time at home to enjoy my system!)

After my onkyo died, I upgraded to a Marantz receiver (with many options for crossover, time-alignment, and I think theres even a phase alignment feature in it!). I also moved to the condo I am in now and bought a couple of extra main speakers (Klipsch KSB-1.1's) since they are now really cheap (The whole system is KSB1.1 all the way around, one for each channel). I never hooked up the Cerwin vega, since the ksb's go low already (for non-critical listening) and the "welcoming committee" guy at the place I moved to told me that if I get one of those loud bass systems that I better run it low and get spikes to minimize room coupling!!

I do use the system from time to time for mixdowns of small projects (from a computer based mixing system) and I want to be able to listen to music and movies with the full punch! I am used to listening to large format PA systems (like JBL Vertec, L-acoustics V-DOSC, Turbosound Floodlight, and of course EAW KF-850, etc...) while working, and I cant reach those volume levels at home due to neighbor and wife restraints, but...

I want a system that is capable of overpowering my mid-sized living room (probably 12x16 feet, give or take) with a very flat natural response during critical listening (and of course the movie curves that the marantz provides will add the extra punch and sparkle for the movies, etc...)

I have a registered copy of SMAARTLIVE and a Superlux ECM-999 for measurements and tuning.

My fav. music selections are Jazz and Reggae, so the extra oomph will be appreciated! 90% of the time the system is used for regular tv viewing at low to medium volume, with the occasional music or movie in the mix!

I was always attracted to Velodyne for home audio, as I used to read about the new technology they came out with when I was a kid! I am now considering the Velodyne DPS-12, which I can get online for ~350. I also saw a F-1200 in need of repair, which I might be able to fix up nicely. The F-1200 is much less wattage (100w) but from what I read it is an excellent sub (even though it is so old!) How does the F-1200 (in good operating condition) compare to the newer cheaper models of Velodyne or other brands?
What do you guys recommend for my situation, I really don't want to spend much more than this, as I don't use it enough to warrant a lot of money.
Also I see that few subs come with spikes, and from what I understand spikes would improve the performance by a long shot in the LF region! (I never really used them but read about how they effect speakers) Am I wrong or is it worth adding to my sub after purchase (and will it make for less transmission of lf energy through the walls)??
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Don't get me wrong I like the Velos and I own one, but to put it simply, for $350.00 my choice would be an HSU STF2. It's very musical and will render a lot more output, especially below 25hz, then the subs you have mentioned.


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