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What would you consider a massive room? I'm considering the X12 in a 3000cu ft room. Will it perform ok?

also any issues with port noise or is that fixed from the LFM?

Originally Posted by Transmaniacon View Post
I use mine in max extension mode since I'm in an apartment and don't need all the output. Even still I'm only at 25% gain and -6dB trim in my receiver and it's quite loud. Unless you're in a massive room I would keep it in extension mode.

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Originally Posted by flamingoezz View Post
What would you consider a massive room? I'm considering the X12 in a 3000cu ft room. Will it perform ok?

also any issues with port noise or is that fixed from the LFM?

That's definitely a good size room, I wouldn't say massive but on the large side. I think the X12 should do fine, unless you want super loud bass.

I haven't had any port chuffing, supposedly the new model fixed that issue from the LFM series.

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7125 and B&W CM10 S2?

Hey everyone, I posted this on the B&W owners thread last week and haven't had a response so I'm reposting it here.

Does anyone here currently use an Outlaw audio amp (specifically the 7125 or something close in power) with CM10 S2s?

I am about to upgrade the front channels of my HT from my old polks to either the CM9 S2 or the CM10 S2 with CMC2 s2 center. I have done extensive listening between the 683 s2, the CM9 s2, and the CM 10 s2, and I have found the CM10s to be superior in a two channel setup but I could not hear a huge difference in a HT environment. This leads me to the CM9s to keep the tweeters the same across the fronts, but since the CM10s are not much more expensive I would get those if my current system could adequately drive the speakers.

I can also biamp my 7125 if that will help. I have been down the rabbit hole with biamping, and I am not debating whether passive biamping actually works or not, but just to hear current owner opinions.

My listening position is about 12 feet from the speakers, but the room does open up to a large open floorspace.

Thanks in advance!

My current setup is
Marantz SR6008
Outlaw 7125
Polk RTi100 mains
Polk CSi40 center
Polk FXi30 rears
Polk DSW 2000 sub
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Outlaw model 770 question

I am kind of a novice in this area, I just bought a used model 770 from ebay to go with my denon avr-x4300h. Running all the 7 bed channels off of this amp and the 4 ceiling speakers from the receiver's internal amps, it is a 7.2.4 setup. When I run audyssey setup, I noticed that the channel trims are atleast 3db higher than before when I was running just the receiver (especially the front channels). I was thinking that when I add an amp the channel trims would be much lower because it will have more power than the receiver. That receiver is only 125 watt/pc two channels driven and this amp is 200 watts/pc all channels driven. Anybody has any idea about this? or what could be happening?

P.S: did not spend much time listening to it yet, but did not notice a dramatic difference in sound before and after adding the amp. My speakers are all klipsch:

Fronts L/R: Klipsch RF - 82ii
Center: Klipsch RC - 62ii
sourronds (4): klipsch RB-61ii
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Just wanted to share my recent experience with Outlaw customer service.

About 6 weeks ago I bought two Ultra X-12s for my home theater system. Received them, set them up, and loved what I was hearing. Well I watched a few things here and there, and wasn't super blown away like I thought I'd be... but still sounded better than before. One day I was messing around with some wiring and noticed that one of the X12s was not on. I played with it and couldn't get it to fire up. Long story short: fuse was blown, replaced it and it instantly blew again. Tried several different scenarios and it was blowing the fuse as soon as I flipped the master switch on. Contacted Outlaw and they determined that the plate amplifier was probably defective, so they sent me a brand new one. As soon as I switched it out, things were good again!

Despite the trouble of dealing with the defective amp, I'm definitely happy with Outlaw's customer service. Dual X12's are amazing, btw

Display - JVC DLA-RS4810 Projector, 106" Da-lite screen
Equipment - Integra DTR-6.8 AVR, Mac Mini HTPC (Win10, Kodi), Xbox One, Apple TV (3rd gen)
Speakers - Tekton Pendragon Towers, Pendragon Center, Pioneer BS-22s, Dual Outlaw Audio Ultra-X12 Subs
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