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09-25-2007 | Posts: 125
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I have an old Velo F-1200 that is in perfect working condition and am toying with a DIY.

I've found a few other Velo F-1200' that I could place in a corner and stack them (x3) and wondered if that will yield a higher adequate SPL for a large (6ooo cu.ft.) with decent levels below 20Hz?

I'm on the verge of building 2 sealed 18" enclosures or staying with the 1200's as an alternative.
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12-29-2007 | Posts: 9
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have velodyne f 1500b sub . Main board is ok but all wires that come from woofer 4 wires ribbn ( servo) and 3 wires from driver , ir control diode were cut of from connector.so tere no way how accelerator ( servo) cable- that is 4 wire ribbon i s connected... velodyne guy - Pete, Dave Santos they don't have schematics .... 4 wires are I think : 5 v 12v gnd and signal... but how are located on ribbon ??? and were are coreponding pins on amp board ???
f 1200 is i belive a same more or less...
so you have some fotos ??? pictures...
we don't have repair velodyne service in Poland
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