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robjones12's Avatar robjones12 07:09 AM 04-20-2012
Hi all
So I decided to convert all my DVDs to MKV files and make them a little bit smaller (30 to 50%) in size... SO searched on the web and downloaded "HandBrake" and played with it and converted couple of DVDs to MKV but when I played these converted MKVs on my Media Player (OPlay) in fast moving actions I saw some horizontal lines... If there is no fast moving scene then the Movie looks just perfect...... I tried different setting in HandBrake and tried different FPS but was unable to get rid of these Horizontal lines.... I have tons of different MKVs which I downloaded and they all work perfect on my Oplay with out any horizontal lines...
Any Idea why I am getting this????????
Thanks in advance to all the suggestions and ideas....

almostinsane's Avatar almostinsane 03:59 PM 04-20-2012
Turn on deinterlacing or decombing in Handbrake.
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