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08-14-2012 | Posts: 3
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I have tried just about everything to get 3D .m4v files to work on my ps3. I just bought a vizio 3D tv a few weeks ago and have around 15 3D movies. They are all mkv files on my computer. I downloaded tsMuxer and tried converting them all and splitting them. I ended up with around 3 splits on each movie and tried both .ts and .m2ts formats. Everytime I try to play them on my PS3 or TV something goes wrong. When plugging them into the TV USB port it says codec not supported and I simply have no luck. I try playing them on my ps3 and everytime I have NO SOUND. The picture comes in fine but looks like it decreased in quality a bit. I am wondering if there is some how I can just watch these videos on my TV. I have used PS3 media server and tried copying the movie directly to ps3. The file is over 8 GB though so I cannot copy it onto a external drive. I can't split the file on my ps3 and whenever I try encoding it myself I have no audio. I have been trying non stop and doing endless amounts of research and nothing. I have tried usuing tsMuxer and ps3 media server but streaming is way too laggy and slow, and copying takes up too my hdd space on my ps3. And when I encode using tsmuxer I have no audio.

Someone please help. frown.gif

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What type of movies are they?

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I have found out the solution. Thanks
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