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dsuden's Avatar dsuden 06:01 AM 03-06-2012
We're using a Mac Mini and the most current version EyeTV to record television shows. I'm wondering whether anyone knows if there are any issues with EyeTV when upgrading Lion from 10.7.2 to 10.7.3.
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rpineau's Avatar rpineau 01:14 PM 03-06-2012
I use the latest EyeTV on Lion 10.7.3 and I haven't run into any issues.
iGirl's Avatar iGirl 09:37 AM 03-10-2012
It works perfectly! Also I'm using a WDTV Live Streaming box and can play the ETV files directly over our home network on our main screen. It's great.
Matt Pneumatic's Avatar Matt Pneumatic 12:16 PM 03-30-2012
I totally hear you! I'm running Mac 10.7.3 and EyeTV version 3.5.4 and I've been running into issues as well. Every once and a while I need to unplug the USB dongle and plug it back in to get the TV signal back. I've missed a few of my captured shows because of this.

I was running Mac OS 10.6.8 prior to this without issues. It's just when I upgraded to Lion.

Can't wait for a fix!
r_mactv's Avatar r_mactv 12:58 AM 05-09-2012
Hi all
Since I re-installed eyetv on my machine, I have a time shift between the audio and the video channel. Upgrading from 10.6.8 to 10.7 3 hoping to solve this issue I now have only still images with the audio channel runnig. This even happens when only playing a tv channel in time. Totally unusable. I already contacted the help desk, but got no answer. Anyone knows this?
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