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Hi all, I'm hoping for a bit of advice with my setup, which is as follows:

Basement: Synology 212j NAS (movies, tv shows, music) & Linksys E3200 router & HD Homerun Dual tuner & ethernet distribution box with connection to all rooms

Living room: Apple TV 2 (wireless or wired), jailbroken and running Firecore, connected to plasma TV

Bedroom: Apple TV (wired), jailbroken, connected to LCD TV - would be nice to have access to OTA recordings but I don't expect it given the lower quality files I'd have to convert to which would look much worse on the ATV2.

Upstairs office: Mac Mini (wired), running EyeTV 3

Roaming: Macbook Pro and Mac Air (no need to play TV or other video on these devices)

I've recently gone to OTA, hence the HD Homerun and Eye TV. I should have done more research on the out of the box capabilities of EyeTV and recording formats as I had originally intended to have the Mac Mini record all shows and store them to be distributed from the basement NAS, without my need to convert files or move them around the network. The HDHomerun is great by the way.

My best solution so far is to record directly to the Mac Mini's hard drive and set the automatic export option to "Apple TV HD". As you can't specify where an exported file will be saved to, it's converted and saved in the iTunes folder. I'm sharing that folder and can now see it on the Living room ATV2 through Firecore's media player. This is not ideal as I then need to have the Mac Mini on all the time and my media is being stored in multiple places. As a next step I guess I could move these files periodically to the NAS and then stream from there.

I tried recording directly to the NAS, which I can do, but I can't set any automated export so I'd have to do each show individually across the network. Not ideal at all and completely unusable for my wife until I do something. Handbrake takes about 90 mins to convert a 30 minute MPEG 2 stream using the Apple TV 2 plugin, which is also longer than I expected.

Can anyone suggest a better way of doing this? I appreciate any suggestions.

Optomo HD131xe on 106" Accuscreens 16:9 pull-down screen
Denon 1713 AVR
Sony PS3 Fat / Sony BDP-5200 / NAD T-514 DVD player (used as CD player)
Polk Monitor 30 Series ii LR fronts / Polk CS1 centre / Monoprice in-wall 5-1/4 Inch rear surrounds / SVS SB12-NSD sub
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I have a 2011 Mini that never sleeps, it's quiet, cool and green; it's one of the best moves I've made: I run iTunes home sharing plus all other media and EyeTV recordings through it, and it helps tremendously in keeping our house running smoothly...it's there basically on demand for any Mac or aTV or iOS device, no need to wake up, re-connect, or re-establish anything. So in the grand scheme of things, I wouldn't necessarily worry about keeping your Mini on all the time, assuming it is a relatively recent mini that is (you didn't specify.)

In one bedroom I have an aTV1 with a Broadcom card, CrystalBuntu and XBMC and it plays all my the EyeTV recordings as recorded, without any need for an export or transcode. If your hacked aTV1 can't handle your HD EyeTV recordings as-is in XBMC, upgrade it with a Broadcom card and it'll then be able to play full-size 1080p blu-ray rips and output to your display at 1080p, let alone be able to play those EyeTV recordings. That seems to be your weak link, needing to convert recordings, so my question to you would be, why not set up a system that eliminates the need for Handbrake or EyeTV to convert the recording? How does your hacked aTV2 do with the EyeTV recordings as-is?
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Any more info here? My husband is the techie of our family but I am trying to do some research to save him some time.

We just got an 8-bay Synology NAS.

Already use Eye-TV to record to Mac Mini but want to record directly to the NAS instead.

Also planning to use NAS for:

1) Server for both a Mac Pro and Mac Mini

2) Backups from both Mac Pro and Mac Mini

Hubby would prefer to use Synology's Hybrid Raid, if possible.

Would also prefer for all our computer files to actually RESIDE on the NAS and serve both computers only from there.

In other words, would like to transfer all computer files to NAS and then remove them from Mac Pro and Mac Mini -- only serve and back up from NAS.

Same with recordings -- only with them, want to record directly TO Nas rather than just moving and/or backing them up there.

Any guidance?

Anyone? smile.gif


Non-tech wife trying to help sick husband. smile.gif
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Same with recordings -- only with them, want to record directly TO Nas rather than just moving and/or backing them up there.

TurboTropic seems to be saying he was successfully able to record TO his Synology NAS:
I tried recording directly to the NAS, which I can do

even though that's something El Gato would probably tell you is not officially supported. We've had users here in the past who have reported being able to move their EyeTV archive over to a NAS and record to it--we've had others say it didn't work for them--so my advice to you is simply to try it. What have you got to lose, you can always switch your archive back to the Mac Mini and regress to moving your recordings over to the NAS manually. What I never understood about TurboTropic is why he was exporting or converting his recordings at all--he had two hacked Apple TVs and a hacked aTV running XBMC can play the EyeTV recordings as is, there's no need to convert. In fact, I loathe EyeTV software so much I've played all my EyeTV recordings back with XBMC since Snow Leopard.

Anyway, try recording directly to your NAS and report back.

El Gato updates EyeTV at a glacial pace (I suspect because there's no competition in its space) and back when there was an official support forum it was fairly easy to find tweaks that other users developed to make the whole EyeTV experience more amenable. Now, it's tougher to find those little tricks and trucs, but I bookmarked this a while ago, entitled "Fun with EyeTV and AppleScript," and some of it might interest you, he's come up with some Applescripts that allow him to transcode recordings, add them to iTunes and save the files to a NAS, all automatically:

Beyond the manual scheduling of show recordings via the EyeTV app, my requirement was to have the following post recording steps taken care of automatically:

Transcode video files: On the iMac, transcode the fairly large lossless .mpg files created by EyeTV to smaller sized .mp4 files with H.264 encoding.

Move to NAS server: Move the transcoded .mp4 files to our NAS server thereby saving space on our iMac and making it easy to share the video files via a variety of devices.

Add to iTunes library: Add the .mp4 files to our main iTunes library so as to enable easy access from our Apple TV 2 and to ease loading videos on the iPad for road trips. When adding videos to iTunes, include metadata such as show title, episode and description whenever feasible.

Make available via UPnP server: Ensure the .mp4 files are added to our UPnP media server so as to enable easy access from UPnP-capable apps and devices such as our Samsung Blu-ray player, Sony PS3 and the AirPlayer app on the iPad.
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