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oceanjumper's Avatar oceanjumper 03:18 PM 12-10-2012
I love XBMC in MacOSX but am really curious how it would sound with the HD audio codecs. I have already installed Win 8 Pro under Parallels 7 in Mountain Lion. I am now struggling with getting the right display and sound drivers installed....

Thanks for any pointers

runnernorth's Avatar runnernorth 02:51 AM 01-05-2013
Hi, did you find a solution to this, xbmc in win7 under parallels or VMware ....?
oceanjumper's Avatar oceanjumper 12:18 PM 01-20-2013
It somehow resolved itself when I installed Frodo RC3. One problem I still face, as Win8 is installed under Parallels it doesn't use the full capacity of GPU/memory etc. As such, high bit-rate video get choppy. The HD audio did come through fine though.

Now I am trying to find a solution to have a dual boot MacMini but NOT having a keyboard or mouse attached. All the controlling should be done through my iPad (with mobile mouse app in iOS and the mobile mouse server running in OSX and Win8). This is probably wishful thinking but who knows if a remote boot manager for iOS exist...
runnernorth's Avatar runnernorth 11:08 PM 01-29-2013
Ok, I think the only way to have high bitrate video and bitstreaming is through bootcamp..... It IS possible to use the mac mini without keyboard and mouse, and just use the iPad remote (mouse), you just have to let go to sleep and don't turn it off, when you don't use it. If you turn it off, the iPad remote loses the connection to the mini.
oceanjumper's Avatar oceanjumper 08:11 PM 03-13-2013
But is the switching of OS not done by holding the Option key of an actual keyboard during a reboot? Or does Bootcamp offer the software option to 'reboot into the other OS' as well ( and hence Mobile Mouse could do the job)?

UPDATE: just went through the manual of Bootcamp and indeed seems that one can just set/adjust the 'default OS' in both Windows and Mac Bootcamp software. This does sound that, once installed, a keyboard is no longer physically needed.
Derek Kent's Avatar Derek Kent 12:42 PM 10-08-2013

Hi Ocean jumper


In order to avoid the need for a keyboard to boot from one OS to another, you can install "BootChamp" in your mac.

it is a small icon on the menu bar that lets you click, and reboot into windows.


Once in windows, as long as you keep your default OS as MacOS, rebooting in Windows will boot back to the Mac.


This creates a process where from the Mac, you click on bootchamp and boot to windows.

From Windows, you click restart and it boots to Mac.


nice and easy, and no holding of keys needed.



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