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Does anyone know how to run Comskip manually on a Mac? With the new version of Comskip the commercial marking is way off and I would like to tune the .ini file.
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I combined the RecordingStarted and RecordingDone scripts to come up with this script that will run comskip from EyeTV manually. I don't know how to send the -w command infront of comskip to bring up the debug window like you can in windows but at least it will run.

-- by Ben Blake, September 2009

global LogMsg
-- testing code: this will not be called when triggered from EyeTV, but only when the script is run as a stand-alone script
on run
tell application "EyeTV"
set selectedRecordings to selection of programs window
repeat with theRecording in selectedRecordings
set recordingID to unique ID of theRecording as integer
set input_text to my read_from_file((path to "logs" as string) & "ETVComskip" & ":" & recordingID & "_comskip.log")
if (count of (input_text as string)) > 0 then
set logdata to every paragraph of input_text
set logdata_lastrow to (item ((count of logdata) - 1) of logdata) as string
if (items 1 thru 19 of logdata_lastrow) as string = "Video PID not found" then
--multiple Video PIDs, rerun MarkCommercials until successful

set recrdingIDInteger to recordingID as integer
set rec to recording id recrdingIDInteger
set LogMsg to "RecordingDone found multiple PIDs for recording ID: " & recordingID & ", Channel " & (channel number of rec) & " - " & (title of rec)
set PIDs to (items 44 thru ((count of logdata_lastrow) - 2) of logdata_lastrow) as string
set delims to AppleScript's text item delimiters
set AppleScript's text item delimiters to ", "
set PID_List to {}
set PID_List to every word of PIDs
set AppleScript's text item delimiters to delims
repeat with pid in PID_List
my launchComSkip(recordingID, pid)
repeat while (my mcIsRunning())
delay 5
end repeat
end repeat

end if
end if
end repeat
end tell
delay 10
set cmd to "/usr/bin/nice -n 2 '/Library/Application Support/ETVComskip/' --log " & recordingID & " &> /dev/null &"
-- display dialog cmd
do shell script cmd

--disable this if you do not want a logfile written
write_to_file((short date string of (current date) & " " & time string of (current date)) & "Recording Started run for ID: " & recordingID & (ASCII character 13), (path to "logs" as string) & "EyeTV scripts.log", true)
end run

on read_from_file(target_file)
--return the contents of the given file
set fileRef to (open for access (target_file))
set txt to (read fileRef for (get eof fileRef) as «class utf8»)
close access fileRef
return txt
end read_from_file

on write_to_file(this_data, target_file, append_data)
set the target_file to the target_file as string
set the open_target_file to open for access file target_file with write permission
if append_data is false then set eof of the open_target_file to 0
write this_data to the open_target_file starting at eof
close access the open_target_file
return true
on error
close access file target_file
end try
return false
end try
end write_to_file

on launchComSkip(recID, pid)
if pid = "" then
set cmd to "'/Library/Application Support/ETVComskip/' --force --log " & recID & " &> /dev/null &"
set cmd to "'/Library/Application Support/ETVComskip/' --force --log " & recID & " --pid=" & pid & " &> /dev/null &"
end if

do shell script cmd
end launchComSkip

on mcIsRunning()
set processPaths to do shell script "ps -xww | awk -F/ 'NF >2' | awk -F/ '{print $NF}' | awk -F '-' '{print $1}' "
return (processPaths contains "MarkCommercials")
end mcIsRunning
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