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voltes's Avatar voltes 05:57 PM 01-19-2005
I'm surprised they shipped early. I didn't think I was one of the early ones who ordered. Would like to see what this puppy can do once it arrives. :D

totalownership's Avatar totalownership 06:09 PM 01-19-2005
I see you're in NJ. I'm coming over to see it, I'll bring chips! :)
shinoSetsuna's Avatar shinoSetsuna 06:19 PM 01-19-2005
i saw that mine has shipped as well yesterday, it is current in Alaska and hopefully will be in hand soon... i placed my order at 11:37 AM PST, exactly 6 minute after the Apple store came back up after the keynote! i love new toys, cannot wait..!
voltes's Avatar voltes 07:52 PM 01-19-2005
Originally posted by totalownership
I see you're in NJ. I'm coming over to see it, I'll bring chips! :)
lol. it's pretty obvious im very excited with this new toy. it's my first mac. i'll be getting mine on friday. its going to be an interesting weekend for sure! :D

i'm anticipating the imovie hd and the garageband 2.0 which will be included. can't wait!
EnzoPolotso's Avatar EnzoPolotso 08:10 PM 01-19-2005
Mac Mini ****!
totalownership's Avatar totalownership 10:06 PM 01-19-2005
Hey voltes I'm on my third mac right now but it's nowhere near HTPC ready :( It'll be a while before I can get my hands on one of them. But I'm trying to make something happen. Let me know how that thing works out when you get it.

When you go mac you never go back!!!
anthonymoody's Avatar anthonymoody 08:22 AM 01-20-2005
Mine's on a fedex truck and due to arrive today :)

voltes's Avatar voltes 09:03 AM 01-20-2005
great! are you planning to make it an htpc? please post feedback once it arrives. i still have to wait one more day! bummer. :p
b.greenway's Avatar b.greenway 09:33 AM 01-21-2005
Gah, I’m jealous, I must have just missed the cut off date to be in the first batch.
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