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3-way's Avatar 3-way 03:00 PM 01-26-2005
I'd really like to port BruteFIR to OS X, or, better yet, make it into an Audio Unit, but I code like a 4-year-old, and it's really slowing me down. I'm guessing someone that knew what he or she was doing could do the port in a weekend or two, and the AU in another weekend.

Advantages of bringing BruteFIR to OS X? Better soundcard support, faster computers and the opportunity to chain a BruteFIR AU to any number of professional AUs through Logic Pro 7 or another AU host app. Also, it would be relatively easy to create a GUI in Interface Builder and make the app more accessible to a wider range of people. It could be used on the Mac Mini, too. This kind of functionality does not exist in the PC world and would give anyone serious about music a good reason to "switch".

The app outputs to Jack, ALSA and OSS. Jack for OS X exists, but, ideally, CoreAudio would also be an option. Might also be nice to run comparisons using the FFTW3 library vs. the vDSP library. I've read vDSP is much faster. I've also read FFTW3 is much faster. And, I've read that FFTW3 is faster at some things, and vDSP is faster at others.