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phansson's Avatar phansson 06:38 AM 05-14-2012
I have a 2.37 A-lens setup without a sled (Isco II), Oppo 93 and JVC RS40. It seems like the majority of discs released are "java enabled" now and do not allow my Oppo 93 to do any kind of zoom. Last night I had to remove and zoom to watch Underworld 3D.

Is there any other option besides the Lumagen product?

CatBus's Avatar CatBus 03:46 PM 05-15-2012
You may already know this, but 2D is another option. It's only the Java+3D combination that's a problem for the 93. Java+2D zooms fine, FWIW.
Trogdor2010's Avatar Trogdor2010 06:47 PM 05-15-2012
You didn't answer his question.

A cheaper option would be the HTPC direction, which can be had in either built or premade. Decent pre-builts should have all the features of a normal 3D blu ray player including the Oppo, as well as working as a scaler. I would look into the HTPC section if you want to make a build. It's worth noting there are not many freeware software that works properly with blu rays, so take note. But you should be able to have a cheaper machine than the Lumagen Mini 3D.