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nflguy's Avatar nflguy 07:01 PM 07-22-2013
Im considering going with a 2:35 screen. I have seen several posts where people say they have 2:35 screens and use masking for 16x9. What is masking?

John Schuermann's Avatar John Schuermann 08:13 PM 07-22-2013
This guy is doing masking with drapes, but you get the idea:

Here's a demo of an actual masking screen from Stewart:
nflguy's Avatar nflguy 12:13 AM 07-23-2013
Do you have to do this if you want to watch 16x9 content on a 2:35 screen?
stanger89's Avatar stanger89 05:35 AM 07-23-2013
No it's not required, a lot of us don't mask 16:9 on our scope screens.
John Schuermann's Avatar John Schuermann 08:52 AM 07-23-2013
Not required, but it does add a definite "wow factor" and help the 16:9 image "pop" more. It also makes the black bars on the side appear to be part of the screen vs. a part of the picture.
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