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audiohobbit's Avatar audiohobbit 12:15 PM 01-13-2014
Hi all,

maybe it's better to post this here since I got no answer in the Oppo-Thread (unfortunately it 's like in many othe forums that you'll be more or less ignored if you don't post regularly...):

I have an anamorphic lens now for my Sony HW50 projector. In 2D the projector can do the vertical stretch that is needed for the anamorphic projection, but not in 3D!

At the moment I own the Oppo 93 and it can do the vertical stretch in 3D but as I learned only with BDs that have not BD-Jave included.

So I tested the new Oppo 103 instead and it could do the vertical stretch with all 3D discs I tested (BDP 103 EU and german BDs).

But the Oppo support tells me that should not work and they say they've tested "The Hobbit" 3D and Prometheus 3D and it couldn't zoom.

I can not understand this, since it worked when I tested the 103 EU version (with latest firmware) and the european (german) Blu-rays.

Maybe the bevavior is different with the US version and US discs?

Could some of you please test this just to prove if the Oppo Service was wrong (hopefully...)?

if you have The Hobbit or Prometheus or any other 3D disc, just put it in the Oppo 103, play it in 3D and see if you can zoom the movie with the zoom button (first option should always be the vertical stretch).

Thanks a lot for posting the results then here!

It seems that the Oppos are the only players that can do the vertical stretch (also for 3D!?), or do you know any other players?

PS: The output resolution must not be set to "Source Direct", because then zooming won't be possible anyway...

blastermaster's Avatar blastermaster 12:39 PM 01-14-2014
In 2D the projector can do the vertical stretch that is needed for the anamorphic projection, but not in 3D!

Really? Gotta talk to Sony about that. Even my inexpensive Optoma does the stretch in 3D. What happens if you do the stretch in 2D (the button on my PJ is called letterbox or LBX), then switch to a 3D movie? I'm sure you've tried it, but in case you haven't checked all the possibilities...
jeffleonard's Avatar jeffleonard 02:47 PM 01-14-2014
I have the OPPO 93 and the HW50 and I can confirm that Prometheus in 3D will NOT stretch with the OPPO or the Sony.

Basically, it's a crapshoot on BD Live enabled 3d discs.

I bought a Lumagen mini3d scaler solely for this reason. The Lumagen stretches anything and everything.

Kinda pissed that I had to spend extra money to guarantee I can watch any 3d movie in the correct aspect ratio...mad.gif
audiohobbit's Avatar audiohobbit 04:14 AM 01-15-2014
thanks for your answers.
Yes the Sony HW50 (and also the HW55, cause it's basically the same ) can't do the vertical stretch in 3D. Even if you do it in 2D and then switch to 3D, then it goes to "Normal" aspect ratio.

If someone has a contact to Sony engineering Japan he can tell them that this is a shame...
I can't understand it because the horizontal squeeze the HW50 CAN do in 3D...

@Oppo 93: Yes, as I said it can only do zooming in 3D on BDs without BD Java (it's not BD Live, but if there is a menu or something that is programmed in BD Java).

I'm asking here specifically for the Oppo BDP 103 because in my tests with the european model it could do zooming on every 3D disc I played. But the Oppo support tells me that this shouldn't work...
jeffleonard's Avatar jeffleonard 08:14 AM 01-15-2014
My guess it's a difference in implementation with BD Java on Euro discs/players?

If it's working for you, don't question it. Don't go looking for trouble! biggrin.gif
Brian Z's Avatar Brian Z 09:03 AM 01-15-2014
Originally Posted by jeffleonard View Post

I have the OPPO 93 and the HW50 and I can confirm that Prometheus in 3D will NOT stretch with the OPPO or the Sony.

Basically, it's a crapshoot on BD Live enabled 3d discs.


I have a similar issue, but not very interested in spending $1,500 on a separate video scaler to resolve the issue.  Do you have an idea of what percentage of 3D BDs can be vertically stretched with the Oppo (i.e., don't have the BD-Java issue)?

audiohobbit's Avatar audiohobbit 02:54 PM 01-15-2014
I tested 12 titles (all German versions, except one) with my Oppo BDP-93 EU:

3D discs the 93 could zoom:
- Dredd
- The 3 musketeers
- Man of steel
- Tron Legacy

3D discs the 93 could NOT zoom:
- The Hobbit, an unexpected journey (normal UK version and german extended version)
- Prometheus
- Brave (german title Merida)
- How to tame your dragon
- Star Trek Into Darkness
- Spider Man
- Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter
- Monsters vs. Aliens

So in this case it's 2/3 of the BDs the 93 couldn't zoom. I Don't know if this number is representative, I think not. And in the US it could be different?

But, as I said, with an Oppo 103 EU ALL of the titles above could be zoomed. (and furthermore, with the latest FW-update the 103 can do zooming also with signals fed to it's HDMI input, so if you have a 2nd BD-player, like I do, the 103 can act as a scaler and should then zoom all signals, if there is BD Java on the original disc or not. I tested this also and it worked.)

I just want to know if it's the same with the US-model and US-discs. Because I can not believe what the Oppo support tries to tell me..

So please, if anyone here has an Oppo 103, try the zooming on 3D discs (Ouput resolution set to 1080p) and report here.

i think this will help other users also since they don't have to buy an expensive video processor, if it works with the Oppo 103.
Brian Z's Avatar Brian Z 10:32 PM 01-15-2014



This thread has proven very helpful as I didn't realize that you can use the Oppo-103 as a video scaler via the HDMI input.  I am currently building a HT with the Sony HW55 and one of my primary concerns is that it doesn't do V-stretch in 3D (plan to use an anamorphic lens on a CIH screen)  I'm going to get the Oppo-103, which should help, but may opt to get a secondary BD player to feed the Oppo for 3D Java material and use the Oppo as a video scaler as you suggested above.  I confirmed with Oppo today that this functionality should work fine; however, they did confirm that the zoom function on some BD-J disks may not work given the encoding.  


Since it will be a month before everything is up and running, it would be very helpful if someone with a similar setup could test their system and see and confirm AudioHobbit's results.  Hopefully is no just a EU thing.



audiohobbit's Avatar audiohobbit 06:22 PM 01-16-2014
I didn't realize that you can use the Oppo-103 as a video scaler via the HDMI input.
This was introduced with the latest firmware, see #8 of the release notes here:

And I think this is international... and also I think this way it should always work...

The Oppo support didn't even know that 2 weeks ago when I told them... seems the engineering department doesn't tell the support team about new functionality introduced with new FW-releases...

But it would be cool if you could get a 103 for testing reasons and test some 3D titles directly in the 103, maybe you got a dealer that can give it to you for a weekend testing or so.

I want to know if the Oppo support is right or wrong about that the 103 couldn't zoom 3D discs like Prometheus or The Hobbit or any other disc. I cannot imagine that this shouls only work for the european model..
jeffleonard's Avatar jeffleonard 09:11 AM 01-17-2014
One other thought:

OPPO may have built a work-around for the BD Java 3D zoom issue in a firmware update. Technically, they aren't allowed to do it per BluRay/BD Java specs. Perhaps it's an unadvertised feature? That's why support says it shouldn't happen.

I beleive OPPO built the first players that could perform vertical stretch on BluRay material. That was a "prohibited" practice under the BluRay spec previously.
Brian Z's Avatar Brian Z 01:21 PM 01-17-2014

I stopped by an Oppo retailer today to test various 3d BDs and found that the US version of the Oppo-103 will vertically stretch (i.e., "zoom") the following 3D movies:


- Monsters vs. Aliens

- Alice in Wonderland

- Bolt

- Tron

- Shrek 2

- Imax Under the Sea 3D

- Imax Space Station 3D


The only movie I tested where the zoom function didn't work was the 2D version of Cowboys vs. Aliens (they didn't have the 3D version).  Keep in mind that the player used in this test has not been updated for the latest firmware as it has been on display since the model originally came to market, which may be the reason Cowboys vs. Aliens didn't work.

Cristobal's Avatar Cristobal 01:13 PM 01-24-2014
Anyone else try testing this yet?

This would be a "Hallelujah" kind of thing for me. I would so love for this to be true. I zoom out scope 3D titles right now and it really bugs me... but not enough to drop $1500 on a scaler. Somehow the price of the scaler would suck a lot of the fun out of watching Harold and Kumar in 3D.
ndskurfer's Avatar ndskurfer 12:35 PM 03-18-2014
A thought on a work around, not sure if this will work -

I have a BDP-83 that I have not used in a long while since I purchased a Mede8er media player - I just use my Xbox One when I rent or borrow discs and the Oppo sits in another room unused. All of my discs are backed up onto MKV (2D & 3D) and played through the Mede8er. If I were to sell my Oppo and upgrade to the 103, couldn't I just connect my Mede8er up through one of the BDP103's HDMI input and utilize the vertical stretch scaling of the MKV video (assuming that it no longer has BD-Java)?? I'm assuming that MKV videos no longer has such features, as I typically only keep the main video, soundtrack, and forced subtitles in the container. I do have a couple full ISO rips that I will have to re-rip into MKV though.

Cost wise, I would sell my darbee and BDP-83, buy a BDP-103B, and almost come even.

Will this work? Or would I be better off getting something like a Lumagen Mini3D at a much higher cost? My proposed scenario gains me a BD Player and may possibly provide scaling (unconfirmed).
ndskurfer's Avatar ndskurfer 12:12 PM 03-20-2014
As a follow-up, I gave Oppo a call and they did state that while the BDP-103 can apply Vertical-Stretching, it can not apply it to 3D TD or SBS MKV files. So basically, the same capability as my Sony projector. It is starting to look more and more like my 1 solution is the Lumagen Mini.
samovies10's Avatar samovies10 08:17 PM 07-22-2014
Has anyone checked if the Oppo can do vertical stretch on 3D titles (that have BD-Java) when the signal is put through one of its HDMI inputs? I am considering buying it, but this kind of 3D vertical stretch really has me on the fence.
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