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kermit@1's Avatar kermit@1 04:43 AM 11-26-2006
Hello Everybody,
Is it possible to use the HD70 with an anamomorpic lens ? My screen is 2.35 and 96inch diagonal. My dvd player is the Panasonic S97 and soon the Toshiba HD a2.


Jedi_Mike's Avatar Jedi_Mike 07:55 PM 11-26-2006
Yes, I'm using a VC lens with my HD70. It does both horizontal squeeze ("4:3" mode) and vertical stretch ("LBX" mode). As opposed to some other brands, it does the scaling for the HDMI input as well as component. The throw ratio should also be acceptable for your lens.

The only downside I have with the HD70 is that the bottom of the case sticks out a bit past the PJ's lens. So, it's important to get the anamorphic lens as close to the PJ as possible. Not that big a deal, though, since the beam size is relatively small.
Jedi_Mike's Avatar Jedi_Mike 07:58 PM 11-26-2006
Sorry, I forgot one other thing. The HD70 has no lens shift and ~30% offset. So if you don't have a relatively high ceiling, an HE lens is a better bet than VC, since VC will drop the image ~7% more. Right now, I'm using a VC lens, so I have to point the PJ upward a bit and set the keystone correction to '5' (which is relatively high, but surprisingly not that noticable to me.) I have an HE lens on order, hope to be able to compare VC to HE soon.
kermit@1's Avatar kermit@1 11:15 PM 11-26-2006
Jedi Mike,
Thanks for answer my question.Wich lens dou you use ?
Greets Kermit
Jedi_Mike's Avatar Jedi_Mike 06:41 AM 11-27-2006
I'm currently using a Panamorph U100 I found on fleabay, and have the UH380 on order. When I get the UH380, I'll be able to compare VC to HE for *my* situation; for instance, I expect HE will help with offset since I have a low ceiling. I have not seen any brands other than Panamorph, so I can't provide any advice on how they compare to the other manufacturers.
emailists's Avatar emailists 07:50 AM 12-08-2006
Jedi Mike,

Please post back when you get the 380 going with the HD70. I am thinking of the 380 myself for my HD70.
mustang5o's Avatar mustang5o 12:56 PM 03-21-2007
I am bringing this post back up as I am back to considering the HD70 and Panamorph U85 since it is on power buy. I have several questions.

Regadring the HD70
Does the HD70 need much calibration to get a really good picture? Can it save multiple settings so I can have one setup for day/some lights on and one for night time/dark theater?

Does it apply those scaling modes on all inputs for all resolutions? I have Oppo upconverting DVD and a PS3 for Blu-Ray.

Regarding offset
I know if the offset is 30% then the screen top (when ceiling mounting) will be 30% of the screen height down from the center of the lens. So if you are using a VC lens to do CIH do you take the 30% of the original screen height or 30% of the new screen height. The reason I ask is that if I go with the Optoma I will be starting off with a 107"Wx60"H s16x9 image. After adding the VC lens the height should drop to about 45". Then using the 4:3 mode the 16x9 image should come out to about 92" diagonal. Anyway, if you use the pre compressed size then that is a 20" drop. If not it is 15". Plus the 7% for the VC lens so I guess slightly more.
Uatatoka's Avatar Uatatoka 04:59 PM 03-21-2007
I have an HD72 so I feel qualified to answer your question since the scaling modes are treated identically, they both use clear segments in the colorwheel, and neither are calibrated to D65 from the factory (quite the opposite).

1) Yes. You may want to consider SpyderTV calibration tool. I used the Spyder sensor and Calman SW (complex excel spreadsheet using a laptop).

2) Yes. I've input 480i to 1080p and it works on everything (analog or digital inputs). Just make sure to disable overscan before using the scaling modes.

3) Use the pre-compressed image height -> the projector has no idea there is a VC lens in front of it compressing the image height...

mustang5o's Avatar mustang5o 08:53 PM 03-21-2007
#3 put an end to this deal then. I can't work with the setup limitations of the HD70.

Thanks. That narrows it down to two choices. Maybe the not lower cost alternatives but at least it makes my decision a little easier.
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