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nugsta25's Avatar nugsta25 05:41 PM 12-09-2009
haven't ever posted here but used this site for help. Waiting on my pucks to arrive so I can use this bad boy!! This is much more rudimentry than many tables on here but it was easy, and inexpensive.

Javatime's Avatar Javatime 06:35 PM 12-09-2009
Nice job! Of course, it would look better with an Eagles logo on it
Remax's Avatar Remax 03:04 PM 12-10-2009
Looks good so far. Any plans for veneer or paint on the sides?
nugsta25's Avatar nugsta25 04:33 PM 12-11-2009
i stained and poly'd the sides
FootballDen's Avatar FootballDen 08:07 AM 12-26-2009
howd ya keep it level
elmalloc's Avatar elmalloc 02:41 PM 12-26-2009
dammit I love shuffelboard, but yeah, the real expensive versions (i've owned mcclure, $4000 version) have climatic adjusters for leveling. leveling for shuffelboard means a lot!!! climate will eff up its ability to stay straight (even throughout the day!).
elmalloc's Avatar elmalloc 02:42 PM 12-26-2009
also it missing bengals logo
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