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Remax's Avatar Remax 09:32 PM 02-20-2010

About 2 months ago I picked up the 1983 Chexx. I put on new ice, 4 new gear boxes, puck, decals, and a few other small things. I absolutely love the game, but if I come across a super chexx i'm going to buy that and sell this one. I really like the upgraded sound on the new chexx machines and you cant upgrade this one. The older ones do have very cool organ type music but the announcers voice sounds too robotic.

The 2nd game is a 1999 super kixx. Im ordering a few parts from ICE on Monday and it's the last ones they will ever carry since this game is not made anymore. They had to pull it from a box in the back of the warehouse that was covered in an inch of dust. I very rarely see these so I had to buy it once it popped up on ebay. I feel I got it for a good price. The internals are the exact same as the super chexx, but the playing surface, plastics, dome, base are all different.

Last is a Megatouch force 2006.5 Evo. This thing is seriously addicting, and I can tell it will be a hit at parties. I'm looking to upgrade to newer software sometime this year. 2008 or 2009 if one comes up for a good price.

Once my basement is done I can put them down stairs and get them out of the family room. I'm looking to purchase my first pinball game, and i'm also considering a shuffle bowler or ball bowler. I don't know squat about pinball, but I like the simpsons machine and the austin powers machine. I just wish I could find either in avg/good condition for $1,500 or less.

If anyone has any questions regarding the chexx or kixx just ask. I tore both of them down completely so I know them very good.
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elmalloc's Avatar elmalloc 05:42 AM 02-21-2010
awesome man, just awesome!!!
imjay's Avatar imjay 03:59 PM 02-21-2010
Do you mind if I ask what you paid for the MegaTouch?

I almost bought a MegaTouch 7.0 for $1300 but decided it was a bit too much.

Pinball choices/taste is very subjective. You should be able to find Austin Powers within your price range as
1. It's not known to be a consistently fun play
2. The theme is sort of tacky.
3. Popularity rating at IPDB just 50%.

HOWEVER, last 12 months on ebay AP averaged just over $2k. Go figure, no accounting for taste!

The Simpsons seems is a newer game (2003 Stern) and is rated much higner @ 80%. Last 12 month price average on ebay only about $1100.00.

If you gotta pick between the two I'd go with the Simpsons for quality, less tacky, more fun and should be at a lot better price.

Personally, I'd recommend you look for a Bally/Williams/Midway pin from the early the late 90s - these games are recognized by pinball fans as the golden years of pin and most of the newer Stern games just aren't in the same class.

DO NOT buy in one of the retail game room stores as you will get ripped off.

Join online forums and look for games often bought/sold/traded among members.

Example - I just bought an Attack From Mars for $2k. Ebay average close to $4k and the "retail" places want $5k to $7k. We bought our Twilight Zone for under $2k and our Monster Bash for under $3.5k.

Put at least one pin in your game room - IMO - people will prefer to play the pins.
Remax's Avatar Remax 06:25 PM 02-21-2010
I paid $900 for the megatouch evo. The seller was local to me. He had zero feedback and only took two pictures (none of the game turned on) with a poor description with a buy it now of $999. I offered him $900 and he took it. I probably could have got it for cheaper but I felt $900 was a good deal.

Keep an eye on ebay and search distance first. This way you can see it in person and save a lot on shipping. This game weighs about 50-60 lbs so it is very heavy. My suggestion is to go for the force games. They are still making software for it and the games are a lot of fun. I would also stick with an lcd game since the cabinets are usually smaller and they don't sell much higher than crt games.

I think i'm going to try and get a simpsons pinball if I can find one for a good price. I like Austin Powers but i'm a huge simpsons fan so I will probably go for that. Im a pretty patient person so I will wait until I can find a good deal. Maybe something that needs minor repairs to help me learn how to work on them a little.
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