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lefty33's Avatar lefty33 05:44 PM 01-28-2014
Just finished a 14 foot shuffleboard table for my basement. Estimated I have approx 120 hours in it. Playing surface is 3 inch hard maple, cradle is walnut and maple, legs are walnut, just wanted to share a few pics[IMG][IMG][IMG]

lefty33's Avatar lefty33 06:19 PM 01-28-2014

BLloyd64's Avatar BLloyd64 06:49 AM 03-05-2014
Nice work! That is gorgeous.
molibra's Avatar molibra 10:26 AM 03-05-2014

Did you use a butcher block material and then coat it?


Table looks great!!


I am wanting to do something like this but I would only be able to do a 10' and Im not sure if that would be almost too short. Any plans or tips you followed?

lefty33's Avatar lefty33 09:05 PM 03-17-2014
Yes, i made the playing surface by gluing 3 inch wide maple on end and clamping. The playing surface is a poured 2 part epoxy. I did not use any plans just looked at a few other tables in person. Did lots of research on the web. That is a 14 foot table, I think a 10 ft table may be a little short, but if that is all you can do and really want one go for it. Usually the shorter tables are only 14 to 16 inches wide compared to 20, with that size table you would use a smaller size puck and a slower wax speed
wraunch's Avatar wraunch 07:15 AM 03-21-2014
Any tips or instructions on what you did? I would love to build one.
Hamermaster's Avatar Hamermaster 06:04 PM 04-22-2014

That is very, very nice!

proboller86 11:18 AM 10-03-2014
want want want!!!
AirBenji's Avatar AirBenji 08:31 AM 10-31-2014
Lefty - I don't think this part of the forum gets too much traffic - I'm just seeing this now. Wow that is something to really be proud of. Gorgeous work!
wingm8's Avatar wingm8 11:22 AM 11-05-2014
Terrific job OP. I'm building a basement and a shuffleboard is one of my wants. And I want to build it too. I hope I can figure it out as well as you have.
boon147 07:17 AM 11-12-2014
That is genius. Top workmanship.
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