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JReuter21's Avatar JReuter21 07:05 PM 08-18-2014
So im hosting our big annual fantasy football draft this year at my house. My basement is still in progress. All studded up and electrical ran but no drywall or flooring yet. So im planning on having it in the garage. I borrowed a cheap projector from someone (im using a draft software that i hook my laptop to a projector and you have a live draftboard projected)

I did a test run this weekend, and this projector doesnt do well in lit areas. Like even a little light makes it tough to see. I also was projecting it on my garage drywall that is mudded but not painted or texted. Just drywall with taped and mudded seams.

I was thinking about just going to wallyworld and buying a cheap white sheet and stretching it and nailing it to the wall. Like I said this is just a fantasy draft that will be about 3 hours in my garage with me and a bunch of trash talking drunk friends so im not concerned about theatre quality. But I am hoping for some cheap suggestions that may help with the viewing. Should I go to a fabric shop and look for a certain fabric? Just look for the cheapest white sheet they have at wallyworld? Do I just buy a gallon of paint and paint that wall?

Thanks for any help in advance!

JReuter21's Avatar JReuter21 08:40 PM 08-18-2014
Sorry about the double post btw. Idk what happened. I came back to my computer and it was still on the screen where i typed the thread. So I thought I must have forgot to hit submit thread. I hit it again and now there is 2 and I couldnt figure out how to delete one.
weaselfest's Avatar weaselfest 05:23 PM 08-28-2014
look for black out fabric at your local fabric shop. It's intended for lining curtains, but makes a great makeshift screen. Usually runs less than $4 a yard. comes in 54" wide rolls, so 96" wide yields a 110" screen for less than $15. Look for 50% off coupons the major chains like JoAnns or Hancock offer frequently.
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