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samreefe's Avatar samreefe 08:13 PM 12-20-2007
I live in central Florida and was amazed just the other day to find one of the coolest stores for game room stuff I ever saw only a few blocks from my house. I have been looking for some cool stuff to outfit my game room and have been trying to find a lot of it online, but they have a showroom with like 20 pinball machines 30 pool tables and lots of arcade games and thousands of signs, lights, and clocks and stuff. The place is almost brand new and their prices seem great to me compared to other stuff I've seen online and in other stores.

They are really nice people and also sell every kind of jukebox in the world. They even have stuff like old-fashioned coke machines and darts and boards. If you want to take a look at their online stuff - heres a link:

Tell them Sam sent you

bass addict's Avatar bass addict 10:29 PM 12-20-2007
Hmmm, brand new member and your first post is to plug a retailer?
rgroves's Avatar rgroves 07:12 AM 12-21-2007
Ummm, yea..... Fisrt post, to pimp a retailer, and not to mention a referral "Tell them Sam sent you"

I THINK NOT..... Consider this thread reported to the admins....
whiskey > work's Avatar whiskey > work 09:05 AM 12-22-2007
LOL! "I just found this place", yet tell them Sam sent you...this is laughable and you and your store fail at life
imjay's Avatar imjay 07:07 AM 06-21-2008
Fancy Retail Home Game Room stores - I guess there is a place for them for people who have too much money and otherwise don't have a clue.

Just my personal experience these places want WAY TOO MUCH for their games and accessories.

There are much more affordable places to buy games and signs and accessories than these fancy, smancy places - just my humble game owning and playing experience.
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