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tubetwister's Avatar tubetwister 02:07 PM 07-07-2013
New In Box
49.9" measured diagonally.

Could not edit title the deal is at Best Buy .com and NOT in weekly add link is below

Watch your favorite movies and TV shows on this Panasonic VIERA TC-P50X60 plasma HDTV's expansive display, which supports 720p resolution for crisp, detailed images. Two HDMI inputs enable simple connection to high-definition peripherals.

Overall: 4.6
95% of reviewers would recommend this product to a friend (19 out of 20)
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Looks like a good way to get into Plasma A decent 720p plasma often can look better than a lot of more expensive 1080p LCD/LED sets even with blue ray .
You would probably have to spend 2- 3 X $$ to match it with LCD/LED . Nothing wrong with a 720p Plasma . 720p is not really as much an issue (if any) for most folks at 50" with Plasma as it might be on LCD/LED .

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They have an OPEN BOX in San Jose CA for $409.00 it may be avail at other locations that's Plasma on the cheap!

marjenmiller's Avatar marjenmiller 05:03 PM 07-07-2013
720p? Why would anyone waste their money on that with 4k coming out soon? 1080p is the minimum standard today for watching Blurays
Maybe $250 or so, but not $500
joe801's Avatar joe801 07:56 PM 07-07-2013
Hmm, why would anyone waste their money on 4k? I'm sure the market is bigger for 720p than 4k.
tubetwister's Avatar tubetwister 10:31 PM 07-07-2013

Have you ever seen a decent properly adjusted 720p plasma set ? I doubt it if you have you would know a good 720p plasma can beat most 1080p LCD/LED sets for picture quality any day. whether playing 720p,1080p or Blue Ray

Plasma's are emissive phosphorus displays they actually make the light and color rather than filter white light it's a whole different thing altogether.
If you know you know if you don't you don't and if you prefer LCD/LED that's fine also. Don't get me wrong the more expensive LCD/LED are quite good
but bang for the buck this $499.00 panny is hard to beat.

I have 2 - 2012 TVs a Plasma and LCD both name brand sets while both have good pictures the Plasma is much better especially on blue ray . Plasma/Blue ray makes a very good picture . The 720p/1080p thing isn't that much of an issue with plasma .

As far as 4K it's not prime time yet and content will be scarce and expensive for a good while most of what will be affordably available will be
720p 1080i OTA broadcasts, Sat and Cable and 1080p Blue rays up scaled in the set . For those that can and choose to afford 4K that's fine.

You find any 50" Panny 720p Plasmas NIB for $250.00 let us know there will be plenty of takers right here on AVS including me!
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