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Originally Posted by MiniBones View Post
Not that I would shell out another 1500 just to get started calibrating but what is the difference between using the patterns generated by ChromaPure (via PC HDMI) and an Accupel?

Speed? Ease of use? accuracy?
None of the above.

Originally Posted by TomHuffman View Post
Many differences.
1) Many more test patterns.
At this point, switch to using HCFR already - Croma Pure is now limiting your geneerated testpatterns to upsell you. Great business model, guys!

Originally Posted by TomHuffman View Post
2) Test patterns for 3D.
Say what?! Would you care to explain what you are trying to pull here? Most likely those are just the same patterns encoded in a video format that makes the TV bring up its 3D mode - for people that are too challenged to bring it up manually (on the 2D patterns). Most TVs store the profiles for 2D and 3D use separately - thats why you would have to bring up 3D in the first place.

Originally Posted by TomHuffman View Post
3) Several different user-selectable color spaces.
See answer to question 1.

Originally Posted by TomHuffman View Post
4) The HDMI out from the computer is almost always just PC-level RGB.
Except if you are able to open up your Graphics control panel and change it with two clicks (and then bank on that the TV interprets each of the two signal chains correctly) - just to complete your answer.

Originally Posted by MiniBones View Post
The built-in test patterns are intended as a poor man's signal generator. For most enthusiast applications it is fine, but for more serious work I always recommend an external signal generator.
And I find, that those are one of the most obscene atrocities this industry tries to sell to its customers.

Understand that the argument goes as follows: A PCs HDMI port (digital signal chain) is not "pure" enough - you'll need to buy the purify certificate that comes with a piece of cheap silicone connected to yet another HDMI port, and it costs a 1000 dollars.

Yes, total part cost can probably be realized for 40 USD total, but we custom made those casings with our brand lable...

Also, after we calibrated our HDMI port to the purified device, we then attach you normal Bluray player - which is now probably misconfigured - because its the flipside of the same logic we used to sell you the purified device.

So you see - if you are inclined to listen to marketing reps in this forum - be aware that they are very eager to misconstrue reality.

This is the practical approach.

Make sure your PC is set to the correct signal chain. (Limited RGB or Full RGB) - both are correct, Full RGB on a PC is favourable, since every Program on the PC is expecting it as the default - even videoplayers - which at that point do a color conversion (Oh no! I fear banding!).

Make sure your TV is set to expect the corresponding color format. (Auto, Full or Limited) Auto is fine in most cases.

Use HCFR, because it isnt artificially limiting the color pallets it generates. Check its signal generator settings to make sure it outputs the correct level (Full (0-255) or Limited (16-235).

After that, connect a Blueray Player - use the free AVS HD709 patterns, check in its settings which color level it outputs (most likely limited). Check in your TV settings if the TV expects it that way (Auto, limited, ) - run another calibration sweep - and check the fluctuations in readings.

Most likely there are none. Sometimes there are some - but overall its very unlikely that they are big enough that you would have to alter your configuration by even one tick (Range of granularity that is available via the TV calibration menu anyhow).

Also - for all I care, even a Raspberry pie can become highly accurate signal generator - its just that noone in here is willing to vouch for it, because it WILL destroy the lucrative "hot air" business. And it would be a shame if people couldnt print their logos on black device casings anymore...
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