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Joseph225's Avatar Joseph225 02:42 AM 05-14-2010
Got Level 1 and 2 ISF class in Orlando back at end of March. Picked up an old CRT 3 gun RPTV unit, and have some questions.
  • Got Service Manual, there doesn't seem to be a service port
  • Is it possible to "save" the internal settings of the tv?
  • Where can I find FUNCTIONAL info on I2C? Have some Wiki info, but it's theoretical in nature, and not helping me.

What this boils down to, is I want/need to know AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE about I2c, and have a box I can connect to various TV's with to use it.


SierraMikeBravo's Avatar SierraMikeBravo 05:11 AM 05-14-2010
Contact LionAV folks about this. A lot of them are familiar with I2C. Also, Turbe might also be able to help. Good luck!
Joseph225's Avatar Joseph225 05:58 AM 05-14-2010
Is LionAV a company/website, what?

Thanks for the info, though.
Michael TLV's Avatar Michael TLV 07:20 AM 05-14-2010

A web search would answer this one fast for you.

The I2C historically only really applied to a certain number of Mitsubishi CRT RPTVs. It was of no use to any other brand out there. In this age of digital displays, the CRT sets are the horse carriages ... have to think hard about focusing on calibrating horse carriages ...

Rolls-Royce's Avatar Rolls-Royce 10:13 AM 05-18-2010
I have one of those Mits TVs that Michael mentioned, and I agree with him that I2C isn't much use for other brands-I've never heard of any others using it. I2C itself is simply a communications bus and protocol used for different tasks including programming of certain types of ICs. On the Mits it was used to access the EEPROMs that store the TV's settings. There was a program specifically for certain Mits models that used I2C to gain access to locked-out service menu controls, but you had to build your own programming interface or buy one from a couple of guys who were making and selling them back in the day. Because Mits changed the EEPROMs and what data they carried as chassis types changed, the program's pre-formatted tabs only worked with certain chassis. It had a hex editor that could be used with other chassis, but you had to know EXACTLY which EEPROM memory locations to change to use it, and that info simply wasn't available for many models.
nashou66's Avatar nashou66 07:34 PM 05-18-2010
Ask Craig Rounds Of CIR Engineering. He is the Mitsubishi calibration expert. He did my Horse carriage and it still blows away some shiny new Digicraps.

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