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Whellam71's Avatar Whellam71 03:05 PM 01-05-2012
I am a ISF Calibrator in Canada and am looking for some help on an issue that I have been finding when calibrating Samsung 3D TVs. I have had this issue on various different models of Samsung 3D TV, so it is not isolated to one model of TV, or a specific combination of certain components. The common features of this issue are that the Cal Night/Cal Day presets have been activated. When viewing either Simulated 3D (2D to 3D conversion) or viewing 3D from any 3D Bluray the TV activates the 3D glasses but the image remains in 2D, i.e. a sharp image. I can press the 3D button on the Tv remote and the TV shows me the message that the 3D is on or off as per usual operation which anything happening to the image. As soon as i switch from the Cal Night/Day presets to one of the factory presets (standard, dynamic etc) the image appears in 3D. When i return to the Cal Night/Day presets the image will remain in 3D unless i switch the TV off then on again, in which case it reverts to 2D.
I am not trying to Calibrate the 3D and am aware that the 3D presets are different from the 2D. I am not changing anything in the service menu other than activating the Cal night/day presets. The issue occurs as soon as i activate the Cal night/day presets and before i have even started to do the calibration. I have contacted Samsung without any success and have a growing number of customers with this issue, so i would appreciate any help

Chad B's Avatar Chad B 03:55 PM 01-05-2012
The Cal-Day and Cal-Night modes have been buggy over the years. On a few models they work as intended, but on most there are operational bugs like you describe, hidden undefeatable picture enhancements, or problems with CMS settings disappearing.

I did a 2D/3D calibration of a UN-D8000 in movie mode yesterday. 3D movie remembers different settings than 2D movie, so they can both be optimized, and I didn't notice any operational bugs.
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