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Originally Posted by HDTVChallenged View Post
PS: In Sony's case, it probably doesn't help that they appear to have a severe allergy to including any type of user adjustable color-management-systems (CMS) on their products.
Why is that?
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They're afraid of hackers.

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Did you really need to quote that entire post in your reply?
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Where can is see what luminance i need for the color calibration with REC 709 75%/75%?
I just see what luminance i have but not what i need.

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I am new to the world of calibrating with a hardware.

A couple of weeks ago, I bought a Datacolor S4TV100 Spyder4TV HD and was able to install a custom Spyder4 driver so that HFCR could detect and use it. I did not use any correction file. Should I ?

My new Samsung 4K TV has a 2-pt and 10-pt white balance.

Here is what I did ... I put the TV in Movie/Warm2 mode (with all other gimmicks turned off).

I put the the HFCR software in manual (free-run) mode and first did the 2-pt WB on a 50% grayscale chart and was able to tweak the BlueGain to +7% to get it all even. I then switched to the 10% grayscale charts (from 10%-100%) and tweaked it all using the Red Gain or Blue Gain (did not touch Green). Is that the right way to do it?

I do have a couple of issues. When I try to run the grayscale balance in automatic mode ... the software seems to hurry through all the 10 steps of grayscale. e.g. it does not wait long enough to accurately read the values for the 10% grayscale. I know this because the readings are different when I do the same in manual mode. Is there a way to make the software wait a little longer to take the readings (especially at the lower grayscale levels)?

Also, how does one adjust gamma. I know that when I run the complete 0-100 measurement ... it will show me the Gamma graph. But thats a graph - how do I tweak Gamma? By the way, my Samsung has a single Gamma slider which is applied to the whole range. So how to tweak it across the range?

Also, as I mentioned above, I tweaked the Red Gain or Blue Gain for white balance. I did not touch the Red Offset or Blue Offset. What are they used for? Do they come into play for tweaking Gamma?
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