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Hello everyone,

I am in the process of calibrating my 8th generation Pioneer Kuro. I have a PDP-5010FD. I bought an Eye One meter, I have Digital Video Essentials: HD Basics blu ray and I downloaded the ColorHCFR software. I have a guide I am working from. I also ordered a service remote for the Pioneer plasmas.

Anyway, I was trying to set Contrast according to the guide, and I was told that I should shoot for a range of 30-40 foot lamberts light output when reading from the "Window 100% level w/ new PLUGE" pattern from the DVE disc.

Yet my readings from my Eye One display 2 meter are much lower than I would expect. I have placed the meter in the center of the white box on the "Window 100% level w/ new PLUGE" pattern and did my readings.

In the Color HCRF software, I clicked on the green triangle to take continuous readings. I then monitored the "ftL" readings as I adjusted the contrast.

However, I could not get the readings above the 20s regarding light output. At normal contrast (35 or so) I only get abour 23 ftL output. Even turning the contrast all the way up, I still only am getting about 28-29 ftL.

I have heard elsewhere that the target range for light output is 30 to 40. And the Kuros have a reputation of having pretty damn good image quality.

I would think I should be able to hit 35 or so on a calibrated 8g display.

What do you think? Is there perhaps a problem with my meter? Or do you think my readings are okay?

Is there anything I can do to increase the light output on the 5010fd?

Now, I DID buy this set in late 2007 and it has seen a reasonable amount of hours, so perhaps the brightness has dropped a bit but I still would like to see greater light output readings.

Another thing I am thinking is I would like to calibrate two picture presets, one for night and one for day. I want both to have accurate colors and grayscale but I want the day setting to be brighter. Similar to the ISF day and night settings on the Elites, but obviously with less accuracy due to the less exact picture controls on the non-Elites. But the same idea.

What do you think? Are my readings low for light output? What can or should be done to perhaps increase the light output on my 8g Kuro?

Thanks and I really hope to get some good responses because I am stumped.
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Is power save off on ur kuro?

The other possibility is the pattern is triggering the abl. Try with a smaller window.
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Originally Posted by venkatesh_m View Post

Is power save off on ur kuro?

and/or room light sensor
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Thanks for the responses. I checked and I don't have the power save or room light sensor on. I was actually wrong when I said I could only get 28 to 29 foot lamberts turning contrast up all the way.

I am using Movie mode to calibrate, as it seems to give the most accurate grayscale and is the closest to accurate. In that mode, it seems that I can only get about 28 or 29 ftl output. If I change to dynamic or optimum, yes I can get 34 to 36 ftl light output. Of course I would never use these modes as they are terribly inaccurate.

Now, I did check the hours used on the Pioneer 5010FD in the service menu and it showed a bit over 8000 hours used. Given that the sets are rated for 60,000 hours, I don't think I should have seen too much dimming through natural aging.

Now, the picture does not look dull, especially in a dark room. But I am trying to calibrate the contrast and light output to the target that has been suggested. I would like to maximize the peak light output as a natural course of wanting the best image quality that I can achieve and the highest contrast ratio.

I would really like to know what you would expect to be the ideal peak light output achievable in a calibrated 5010fd?

Are the readings on my set particularly low?

I would really appreciate a response, especially from D-Nice. I know he has probably had more experience calibrating the Kuros than anyone, so I would think that he could probably tell me what type of light output can be expected of the 8g non-elites.

Thanks so much.
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What size window are you measuring with? said above..try with smaller window..something like 14-15% size
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