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06-01-2012 | Posts: 167
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Is anyone here a member?

I would be interested to see if the new draft for UHDTV uses the DCI gamut or x.v.Color (still calibrate to Rec.709, but use negative source encodings to get wider gamut).
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06-02-2012 | Posts: 3,462
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Last I heard (April), it still hadn't been decided which way to go. I'm sure when the standard is selected, it will be WIDELY released.
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06-11-2012 | Posts: 3,188
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You can download the draft version here:

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06-11-2012 | Posts: 895
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From looking through quickly, the main points seem to be:

- 4K and 8K resolution (I'm not totally concerned with this)
- A larger color gamut that is far larger than even DCI it appears
- 10-bit or 12-bit per pixel encoding
- 4:4:4, 4:2:2, or 4:2:0 support for Cb and Cr channels

So we still have lossy chroma information, but we should get some nicer gradients with less banding, and far better colors at least once we get a device that can produce any of those. The green listed is just incredibly large, and I really don't know what can produce that.

Of course, I could easily be misreading it, but here are the values:

Red: x 0.708, y 0.292
Green: x 0.170, y 0.797
Blue: x 0.131, 0.046

White remains at the D65 white point.
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