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josh1980's Avatar josh1980 02:51 AM 06-20-2012
I have a dual monitor computer with a new Colormunki Photo. I've installed the latest version of the software and did a calibration. I love experimenting with stuff and after spending 2+ years reading this forum I decided that it was time to calibrate my TV. Since my dual monitor desktop has issues with colors between the 2 monitors I figured a calibration would fix it. It sure did and now my movies look alot richer on my TV. Anyway, so here's my issue.

I don't really plan to recalibrate my desktop very often. I really was hoping to install the software to do the calibration and then uninstall the software but leave the .ICM files. So I installed the software and did the calibration. I backed up the .ICM files and then uninstalled the software. I then had to manually load the .ICM files. However, after loading the .ICM file the screens don't look right. I then reinstalled the software and figured out that if the Colormunki Gamma shortcut doesn't load at startup the .ICM files don't appear to load and become active. Because of this I have to either leave the software installed and running or the monitors don't appear calibrated.

Anyone know how I can solve this dilemma? I believe I just need to figure out how to get the OS to load the .ICM file.

I do not have to use the software that comes with my Colormunki but I chose to use it because it was practically point and click. The information on calibrations is quite complex(I work at a nuclear power plant and I still don't understand everything after reading the forums).

My desktop machine uses Windows 7 x64 Ultimate with an Nvidia GTX 570 with the latest drivers.


703's Avatar 703 02:59 AM 06-20-2012
Do you mean loading the LUT which adjusts gamma from the ICC/ICM file? This normally changes how your desktop "look". The ICC/ICM file when only associated with the display are used for color correction with supported applications.
josh1980's Avatar josh1980 03:28 AM 06-20-2012
Yes. If the colormunki software isn't installed then my desktop background looks crappy going from one screen to the other. If I run the colormunki gamma shortcut then the background between the 2 screens match and I'm happy smile.gif. If I don't run the colormunki gamma shortcut then I think the ICM files isn't loaded and the color changes aren't applied. I'm not sure if I have any applications that actually use the ICM since I don't do photo editing or anything like that. I'm a power user but I don't do anything where a calibration is crucial.

Edit: The reason why I mention the difference between the 2 screens is because that is the most obvious way to prove that the screens are not using the calibration. My background right now has a tree and the leaves between 1 screen and the other are difference shades of green. It is pretty obvious to anyone who visits me that there is something odd about one of the screens. Both monitors are the same age and purchased at the same time and always used together, but for some reason the right display sucks.
703's Avatar 703 12:50 AM 06-21-2012
Win7 includes a LUT loader, you don't need colormunki software. However it is disabled by default.

Instead of me describing the steps, I think these screenshots will help you more.

josh1980's Avatar josh1980 07:29 PM 06-25-2012
That was exactly what I needed. Thanks for the help!
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