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Hello all,
I was just curious how everyone here feels about Best Buy doing calibrations. I am a silver rewardzone member, and they are offering free calibrations as a choice to a silver member. I had a Samsung DLP calibrated by David Abrams from Avical, and that turned out beautiful. I know I probably won't get the same high quality as I got from Avical, but I would like to read your opinions about Geeksquad calibrations. The television that I would consider to have calibrated is a Panasonic TC-P50G20 plasma.
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I would say if it is FREE ....why not
A panny G20 is a straight forward calibration...I would guess that they can't mess it up too bad smile.gif

Just my $.02
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I agree with Ray's $.02.:biggrin.gif
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I have a free one as well but havent used it
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You don't really need to re-ask this question. It has been asked and answered many times on AVS. The general consensus is that about 10% of the time you get a good result... maybe not the best possible result, but a reasonable amount of improvement. The rest of the time... you get nothing more than twiddled color, tint, contrast, & brightness controls or you get a "calibration" that's worse than the factory settings.

But here's the deal... if you can use the points for something else, like Blu-ray discs or whatever, you'll have something tangible that you can enjoy and it's not a crap-shoot with bad odds. If you have a 3D TV, it's highly likely you won't end up with 3D being calibrated by BB... they have a time limit on how long they can spend on a calibration and that limit is about as long as it takes most pro calibrators to get setup, take the "before calibration" measurements, figure out the best preliminary settings & modes for the TV controls and to just get started with the actual calibration process. 3D calibration essentially requires a repeat of everything done to complete the 2D calibration only with active 3D glasses in front of the meter.

So while "it's free, may as well try it" sounds logical, if there's an alternative purchase you can make with the rewards points that would provide something you KNOW you will enjoy, I'd think pretty hard about going for the "known useful" rewards "purchase" and get a calibration from an independent pro who knows what they are doing and will spend 3 hours or more (versus 90 minutes for BB) calibrating your TV.

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I received a card in the mail for a free geek squad calibration,as i'am a silver member as well.

I have been trying to calibrate my GT30 with my iD2 and hcfr but my stupid colorimeter keeps giving me a slight green hue in the greyscle ramp.I have tried many matrix adjustments here but to no avail.

I would love to do it myself but my meter wont let me,so I called BB and set up for a free calibration for 11/5.

I know all my sm settings and know what to look for,so if they screw the pooch I could at least put everything back to default.

THX is my favorite mode and I want them to calibrate the white balance for it and I want a custom mid(graphics) done for day viewing.

Do they do 2 inputs? as I see those who post calibration reports from them only say they did one input.

I will try to get buddy buddy with the guy and ask if I can create a matrix using his meter for reference so I can do my own calibrations down the road.

Also,do you guys tip these guys?

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Originally Posted by PeterLewis View Post

I will try to get buddy buddy with the guy and ask if I can create a matrix using his meter for reference so I can do my own calibrations down the road.

I corrected a BB calibration last month. According to the owner's description, BB used an unprofiled Chroma 5.

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Do they do 2 inputs? as I see those who post calibration reports from them only say they did one input.
wanna ask, because i get confuse about this, when you say 2 inputs, which one is that? like HDMI 1 and HDMI 2 or Standart settings and Cinema settings?

Also,do you guys tip these guys?[/quote]

this is my question too, this oct 23, the ISF pro calibrator will calibrate my 55LM7600 tv. and he charge me for $350. do i need to tip him or $350 is fine? thanks.
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Do you tip your mechanic? A Doctor?

If you are happy with the work and feel he went above and beyond what you asked of him ... then it is up to you.

If he only did what you expected him to do and nothing more ... don't ...

And if he does do more ... It is not expected ... he is not a waiter in a restaurant.


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