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Wouter73's Avatar Wouter73 10:08 AM 11-30-2012

because the ISF control preset on my 65VT50 eu model is capped on lightoutput, I've decided to buy a lumagen mini3d, which should arrive in about 1,5 weeks. My first instinct was to calibrate the THX brightroom preset, because it has plenty of lightoutput and the image is the most accurate with out of the box settings. However, I think I read somewhere that the "gaming" preset is a better preset to calibrate using the lumagen, because it has the least "tampering" with artificial sharpening and stuff like that. I would like to ask if anyone has an opinion on this, or better yet, calibration experience with this setup.


Chad B's Avatar Chad B 12:34 PM 11-30-2012
Here is out of the box measurements of THX Bright Room. Note color luminances are all at 0 or above,which is good for Lumagen 125 pt cal. Blue and to a lesser extent red are just a tiny bit undersaturated. Overall not a bad candidate.

Here is Custom/Game mode out of the box (both modes measure identically OOB). Gamut is a little less saturated, though in Custom mode at least you could choose wide color gamut which might remedy that. I don't think that selection is available in Game mode, but I hardly work with game mode so I can't remember for sure.

Wouter73's Avatar Wouter73 02:06 PM 11-30-2012
Thanx! This makes it clear, I'll be using thx mode. There's no colorgamut control in game mode (eu) smile.gif
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