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Hi all, new to this forum and new to TV calibrating pretty much all together

So i got a 42EX440 for Christmas and since then ive been screwing around trying to get the calibration right on this thing, i feel as though im too used to "Blue" looks because if i go to Warm 1 or 2 it looks really really orange to me (obviously 2 more than 1) so i usually stick to neutral

Ive downloaded the AVS Disc and used that a few times to get my brightness and picture to what i think is about close to right (also cross referenced with some other peoples settings i saw online, seems to be pretty much average)

Now what im having trouble with, is this whole reference level and RGB/Y Pb thing

My problem is this

I had my PS3 set up like this originally

BD/DVD Video Output Format (HDMI): Y Pb/Cb Pr/Cr
RGB Full Range (HDMI) : Limited
Y Pb/Cb Pr/Cr Super-White (HDMI): On
Deep Color Output (HDMI): Auto

After this initial setup i went through with the AVS calibration disc (On my PS3) and set it up, when i got to the white levels (Where theres a white screen with numbers from 230 to 253 and flashing gray bars) i read that its okay to have bars pretty much going across the whole screen as long as there wasn't a red tint or any discoloration, but the bars had to be visible to AT LEAST where the "Reference White" was under 235. And the overall goal was basically to get contrast as high as possible without getting any color distortion (More or less thats how i saw it)

So i got it all set up fine

Recently i went back in to do some more research about video settings and i learned about the difference between RGB full range, i downloaded this image (http://www.nicolaspeople.com/ch3rokeesblog/?p=16) and displayed it through both my TV USB as well as my PS3 USB and i saw all of the black boxes, which is supposed to mean your tv is set up to use a full range, so i changed it to full and also changed the output format to RGB and wow was i surprised at how black the background looked, like a layer of grey was just lifted off my tv, i honestly thought the ps3 dashboard was supposed to be gray at this point, but anyway it looked great

So i realized if i changed this setting i should probably go through the disc setup again, the brightness didn't need to be adjusted at all, but the contrast (picture on my tv) is where it got interesting

With this setting the gray bars barely appeared at all, i saw one at 230, one at 231 and barely one at 232 and 233 if i looked really hard, and no matter how i changed my TV settings (Tried all the different pre-sets, color temp, everything) i couldn't get more of these bars to show up

So i changed it to Limited but kept the video input to RGB and the white got a little darker but the bars didnt change

Changed the video input back to Y Pb/Cb Pr/Cr and believe it or not it looked almost the same as RGB Full/Limited (Tiny differences between the settings, but nothing got me any gray to 234 and certainly not 235) But as soon as i re-activated "Y Pb/Cb Pr/Cr Super White" (Giving the me pretty much the same setting i was on originally that i posted above) it was back to how it was before and i got gray bars all the way up to 252 or 253 the ones at 230-235 were coming in really strong

Basically im just looking for some assistance on what to do next, trying to find the optimum setting here, the reason why i dont just set it to Y Pb/Cb Pr/Cr and turn super white on and leave it is because i use this same HDMI port for other things as well not all of which will have this "Superwhite" thing, my PC and my Xbox, i switch it around because i only have 2 ports and the first port is used by my cable box. Why is it doing this, what is the optimal setting for my TV and how should i set it/proceed.

The other reason it concerns me is cuz i have the settings set up the same way for HDMI port 1 (Cable box) and its making me think those wont be accurate either now, because the only thing that has this "Superwhite" is my PS3, so it wont be accurate unless its coming from my PS3

Thanks for reading all that and thanks in advance for any help anyone can give, just really new to this, been doing a lot of research in the last month but im stuck and dont know how to proceed from here on, i don't need my calibration to be 100% perfect, i just wanna get it as good as i can with the equipment ive got.

Just for extra info the settings i have my TV set to right now (How it was when i calibrated originally)

Setting: General, Custom
Backlight: 3
Picture (contrast): 78
Brightness: 51
Color: 53
Hue: 0
Sharpness: 13 (I know most say to turn it off but i much prefer it turned up just below halfway)
Color Temp: Neutral (As i stated Warm 1 and 2 look too orange to me, maybe i need to train my eye but right now it bothers the crap outta me)
All advanced settings are off, white balance is all 0's across the board, didn't touch it

These settings are exactly the same for my HDMI 1 input (Cable box) as well, which is what worries me cuz as i said it does not have this super white thing, so i fear the white levels of detail might be screwed up, same with when i use my Xbox or PC on HDMI 2

Thanks again all

Note: I wasnt sure if i posted this in the right section of the forum or not but i think i did, apologies if i didnt
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TLDR Version: tried using full RGB and after switching it I realized I can't get accurate calibration settings unless the super white feature is enabled on my ps3
This concerns me because I want the calibration to be accurate because I use my tv for my pc, other gaming consoles and cable
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