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Originally Posted by mark haflich View Post

...... I am just fleshing out things I have only recently just realized about calibrations and the colorists and end users eyes and that are whole system of calibration is based on a defined standardized viewer Color standards are valuable but intrinsically they are flawed because they assume and are based on a defined standard viewer. Its OK. There is no other choice other than to refine the definition to provide several different definitions and multipliers and perhaps let calibrations be done for the particular definition closest to the actual viewer where there is only one viewer. Food for thought.
You and I will simply have to agree to disagree on your proposals and conclusions. Your suggestion that display alignment needs a method to correct for individual color vision has been confronted, analyzed, and corrected by others in your "aging eyes" thread, and this one, more than sufficiently. It's become apparent that you lack the ability to comprehend the points made. Such discussions keep going in circles.

I don't believe it's due to willful obstinacy. Sometimes brains are just wired differently. I liken it to how some viewers adore 3D, while others find it annoying, distracting, and/or painful. Another analogy might be how the gun control crowd fails to comprehend that publicly announced gun-free zones simply serve as an invitation to criminal predators, or homicidal maniacs, and actually make people less safe. My son and certain friends of mine think I'm odd that I don't engage in texting, Twitter, Facebook, and other modern forms of social networking. I prefer to not be constantly notified and distracted by such information sources.

"Food for thought?" No thank you. I'll pass.
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Originally Posted by mark haflich 
(the) whole system of calibration is based on a defined standardized viewer Color standards are valuable but intrinsically they are flawed because they assume and are based on a defined standard viewer.

The Standard Observer formulas are designed to do color matching, not perceptual matching. This is the crux of your misunderstanding of the science.

What the Standard Observer can do is make two dissimilar spectral responses appear as the same color to the same viewer, viewing the disimilar spectral responses at the same time in the same viewing environment. It factors out yellow cataract eyes, or more/less ambient light. It also gets to the heart of what calibration is, color matching. Calibration doesn't approach perceptive models in the least currently. All it can do now is make color match, and the 1931 Standard Observers do a wonderful job of that most of the time, but research is ongoing and the brightest minds in color science are working on better color matching functions.

I understand that you are dissatisfied with the current state of the art science for perceptive models. So are people at the Rochester Institute of technology. Brilliant people are researching models that factor in environment to produce more complete perceptual models that could be applicable to calibration in the future. But it's not completed work at this point. Like all scientific fields there are the well understood areas and the partially understood fringe. I can't think of any field of science that I didn't wish we knew more about and color science is no different. It's 2013, I want flying cars, cold fusion and better color perceptual models, unfortunately none of them are here.

Before I worked for SpectraCal, I worked in a graphic design studio as their web developer. I've seen first hand the problems associated with color management. Color management and it's associated products have a real value to professionals dealing with color critical art. Creative professionals can be extremely critical of minute differences in color, and the ability match multiple systems to reproduce color in a reliably similar fashion is extremely valuable for those people. It saves them time and money and therefore has worth.

I understand your frustration, but venting it at the entire industry is not productive or accurate. If you have issues with specific practices of specific calibrators or businesses, those are things that might be worthy of addressing. In the meantime, I wake up every morning trying to move the ball forward some amount.
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Thanks Sotti.
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