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Samsung has left out the AUDIO EQUALIZER and VOLUME control functions of remote control
when attached to external stereo studio performance speakers. I assume any person purchasing a 50 inch plus Samsung TV may also be interested in connecting higher better quality speaker to the TV using separate Audio connected wired/ wireless Components...

THE PROBLEM IS SAMSUNG TV offers only a non controlled steady level AUDIO LINE OUTPUT. This is a problem to adjust the separate AUDIO tone and volume, every time, changing channels, etc, unable to adjust sound quality by just using the Samsung TV remote control...

The small oval speakers inside a slim, Samsung Plasma 3D studio TV has very poor sound quality, pre-enhanced using pre-set software equalized software to enhance the small
speaker sound inside the TV.

You connect external speakers directly to the TV speakers by removing the TV back panel and wire connect to TV SPEAKER OUTPUT wires is simple. The TV speakers are at bottom of TV
cabinet section, having two wires attach to each speaker visible inside the TV cabinet...

The technical problems why Samsung TV has no direct SPKR
HEADPHONE OUTPUT is because the internal speakers are software equalized enhanced to be practical as a small sound source.

EXTREME EQUALIZING internal small speakers is not possible
to us, adobt other natural normal sound, wired or wireless, AUDIO connections. The digital equalized internal speaker
software distort ALL NORMAL wired or wireless direct speaker connection.

There is no DIRECT SAMSUNG TV SPEAKER connection available for Blutooth or Infra-red or wired headset or wireless and if you wired direct to speakers the sound has a distorted output.

The SAMSUNG audio software is setup to drive the digital TONE, MODE, and VOLUME at the TV remote control at the
final output audio driver spreaker integrated circuit.

Samsung not offer hardware schematic support solution of their PLASMA 50 plus inch TV AUDIO schematics and the SERVICE MENU setup is very unclear if it is possible
to normalize (over ride) audio signal delivered direct to the small internal TV SPEAKER.

It would be an advantage to control EXTERNALl studio audio using SAMSUNG TV direct remote control audio functions available only to TV INTERNAL small speakers..

Any one can offer a schematic interface to connect external speakers to the internal speakers but remove all the enhanced distorted equalized audio compensation?

Any one can offer a software TECH SERVICE SETUP to normalize audio delivered to the SAMSUNG internal cabinet small speakers?

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I feel like it's a very bad idea and completely unnecessary to actually open up a TV to connect speakers.

I don't know about Samsung TVs in particular, but I'm fairly certain that they have either a) an digital optical output or b) HDMI ARC support. If you have audio equipment that is superior to the built in speakers you will be able to connect it one of these ways.

Apart from that this topic really doesn't fit here, this forum is for display calibration.
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Hi bankof,

Questions about audio setup can go in this forum: Audio theory, Setup, and Chat (

What many people do, who don't want to use the TV internal speakers, is connect the "non controlled steady level AUDIO LINE OUTPUT" to an external device that can control the audio, like an audio-video receiver (AVR), audio preprocessor, or powered speakers. The external device could have a large set of controls to adjust the audio, or just a few controls like bass, treble, volume (some powered speakers).
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This thread is for video display calibration, not for audio calibration or questions about audio.

But you are asking for something SILLY. Seriously!

Anyone interested in good sound will NVER get it from the audio outputs of ANY television. There is only 2 ways to get better sound from television.

1) Purchase a "soundbar" product that has its own internal amplification and turn off the speakers in the TV.

2) Purchase an AVR and speakers or a surround sound processor, amplifier, and speakers and setup a real stereo or surround sound system.

The amplifiers inside TVs are TERRIBLE and very low in power. They are designed to drive very simple and very "easy" speakers. Any speaker that sounds good will not work well with the amplifiers in the TV so it is SILLY to get upset about not being able to connect good-sounding speakers directly to the TV.

And YES, we all know that the speakers in thin flat panel televisions sound very bad. That is why people purchase soundbar products or AVRs and speakers or surround sound processor plus amplifier plus speakers.

"Movies is magic..." Van Dyke Parks
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I lined the whole back of the tv with cardboard(thicker the better) so it forms partial speakerbox.Works better if tv stand is wide.And digital audio from cablebox..There is not a lot of bass but it's clear sounding..It is cheaper than buying extra electronics.

Gonna have a lot of LOLS here
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Sorry about this rapidly scanned and lost in translation OP objective!

The purpose of direct wiring is to use the ORIGINAL SAMSUNG REMOTE CONTROL

There was nothing mentioned about a box full of remotes trashed around a 51 inch TV
screen in order to secure studio sound quality from a large screen... The purpose of this
thread was to point out that the SAMSUNG LARGE SCREEN TV REMOTE CONTROL function
changing channels every time require a new setup of audio volume and tone control because
the TV PROGRAMS change audio values and tone brilliance from channel to channel...

SO this OP demanded hardware answers and or software service menu solutions to
MODIFY therefore CORRECT the cheap audio Samsung TV sound solution... This OP
has no problems rewiring the bloody TV board or re-programming the Samsung audio
service EEPROM if and when Samsung decides to correct their stupid cheap design
audio solution for a large screen TV

The solution SAMSUNG left out to save money was to not provide a simple remote control
headset output to save money. Those of you dedicated to shuffle several remote controls
and then wire exteranl remote control boxes by all means carry onward and forward enjoy!

This OP demands a technical hard wired or software solution and is prepared and willing to rip the back off of this poor quality SAMSUNG large screen TV.. OK? HARDWARE ANSWER
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The bloody problem with SAMSUNG LARGE SCREEN TV has zero factory support, there is no schematics available as this OP
has been told several times The less than one year old PLASMA 51 inch TV is also now discontinued and has no schematics?

Inside the service panel MENU there are AUDIO adjustments but no explanation? If these adjustments are same as the ANALOG
TO DIGITAL numeric values applied to the screen color chroma adjustment there may be an answer to solve the pre-equalized
internal speaker distortied output. This OP declared that the cheap small internal speakers are SAMSUNG FACTORY pre-equalized
to perform the best as INTERNAL SPEAKERS ONLY... By NEUTRALIZING the factory pre-equalized data to the internal TV speaker
an external connection such as a headphone / wired / wireless / can be adopted for enhanced AUDIO usage... This op wants the
TV speaker audio to be neutralized made eaqual to the AUDIO TV LINE OUT equalized specifications.. The internal speakers can
be adjusted for VOLUME and BASS and TREBLE but SAMSUNG ADDED BOOSTED TONES to make the cheap speakers sound better

The TV speakers are driven by a single 20 WATT audio integrated circuit that has the VOLUME and TONE EQUALIZER built inside as
used by the TV REMOTE control digital interface. This integrated circuit was pre-adjusted by SAMSUNG therefore NO EARPHONE
jack can be used because of excessive TONE CONTROL distortion setup ONLY for the internal cheap speakers... This is the software
adjustment the OP asked for if available inside the SECRET SERVICE MENU {turn off TV press INFO, MENU. MUTE, turn on TV)

The hardware solution is to reverse engineer signal to the speakerwires... Using inductor capacitor speaker cross over networks as
a starting solution or perhaps old fashioned audio transformers sold at Radio Shack... SAMSUNG has no transformer isolated output
to the speaker they use a Hybrid H (4 transistors) to drive one speaker saves them money.. Reverse engineered direct wired connection
to external boom box speakers present a studio quality seperated suberb sound.... ( I do not want to hear from remote control freaks how
they want to remote control a simple 5 speaker amplified sound system that has no remote only AUDIO INPUT and also have no intrest
getting up changing TONE and VOLUME every time for a new channel selection) PLEASE GET BACK TO SOLDER WIRED SOLUTIONS
OR STAY OUT OF THE MESSAGE FROM THIS OP since you do not listen or understand the OP
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some members are trying to help you: no need to insult them

this thread may be moved to a more appropriate forum

please take the high road in every post:do not respond to or quote a problematic post: report it a mess this is a red flag issue
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