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hungro's Avatar hungro 08:37 PM 10-30-2013
I own a 50ST60 it's got only 20hrs on it. I am very impressed coming from a D6500 blacks were 0.015ftL pretty grey looking . The blacks on the ST60 are darker haven't measured yet, want to get some more hours on the set. I am varying the content from black bars to full screen movies. Using Cnet's settings currently. This tv has a lot of "pop" due to the higher contrast ratio I am more then sure. D6500 1500 ansi. This tv is supposed to be about 10,000ansi. My question is this is it better to calibrate to 75/100 or 100/100 for color? Is there not a ST60 calibration or settings forum. The owners forum has a few settings but not so focused on calibration.

realzven's Avatar realzven 01:40 AM 10-31-2013
Always calibrate at 75% luminance, for the saturation try at the beginning at 100% saturation and control at all saturation level (25%/50%/75%) if the st60 color tracking is linear. If not, try with 75% saturation and compare the in between saturation (25%/50%/75%/100%).

Choose the best method with best overall dE at 50%/75% saturation.

Calibration is always compromise wink.gif
fairchild99's Avatar fairchild99 08:54 AM 10-31-2013
I always calibrate at 100/100, while some suggest to calibrate at 75/75. Ultimately if you calibrate at either 100/100 or 75/75 the goal is to have the entire CIE triangle to line up. If you calibrate at 75/75 when you do a saturations sweep, the 100/100 points should also track and lineup properly if your display is working optimally.

I just prefer doing 100/100 then run a color-checker sweep and see how everything is looking, usually if the display is working properly and can be calibrated efficiently with a CMS, the dE's on the color-checker and the CIE triangle should be relatively low.

The reason people calibrate to 75/75 is because the display's DON'T track properly and/or CMS doesn't allow full/proper control to get everything to line up and track properly, so since most content is going to be in the lower saturations, they prefer to get the 75/75 points as accurate as possible.
PlasmaPZ80U's Avatar PlasmaPZ80U 09:38 AM 10-31-2013
I did some sweeps (see my sig... Advanced Gamut). I didn't need to use the CMS on my set since my dE's are all very low with just color/tint.
fairchild99's Avatar fairchild99 12:35 PM 10-31-2013
I did some very minimal adjustments to my CMS to get everything lined up even better. You can also see them in my sig, color-checker + dE's for both color and color-checker. I don't know how different Calman and HCFR are though in regards to measurements and how they display them, that and we are using different meters so perhaps that has an impact on what the graphs come out looking like.
PlasmaPZ80U's Avatar PlasmaPZ80U 08:34 PM 11-02-2013
is it possible to have white crush with high APL scenes but not lower APL scenes? (in other words, high end gamma dropping very low with large APL patterns but perfectly fine with small APL patterns)
PlasmaPZ80U's Avatar PlasmaPZ80U 05:20 PM 11-05-2013
What exactly is the spectral response portion of the quickview workflow for?

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