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Hi everyone,


Here's a mind-tickler for ya. It easier to explain through a set of steps:


1) Calibrate a display with a known good meter and known good calibration signal (Blu-Ray or Pattern Generator) directly to the display.

2) Hook up a PC/laptop directly to the same display. Initial configuration on the video card is probably bad and no ICC profile/LUT is used on the system. 

3) Try to achieve the same results of the recent display calibration by modifying only the settings on the video card/PC while displaying test patterns off of it.


This should result is a somewhat calibrated video source from the PC, correct? Obviously it's not going to be on-par with a pattern generator.

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I am wrestling with these items right now.
I am even wondering if I could get a meter profile to
"correct" the hdmi out from a pc.

use a reference meter.
first take known accurate source.
set up a profile and use the same meter with hdmi out.

then use that profile on the reference meter to make a profile for the colormeter.
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There is no need to go through any complicated steps to check first if the video card output matches a known good source before going through any profile contortion exercises. I have a standard Intel HD3000 card that matches perfectly over HDMI, in either video or full range steps, the output from my PS3. The PS3 in YCbCr mode provides bit perfect output from any of the available blu-ray calibration disks on this forum.

Step 1:

Load a linear calibration table to your video card. This can be done via a number of online tools, the one I am most familiar with is the command line utility dispwin.exe from the ArgyllCMS package.

dispwin -v -d"display #" -c

Step 2:

Measure gray scale and primary output using your favorite calibration package that includes an internal pattern generator (my choice is HCFR for obvious reasons).

Step 3:

Measure gray scale and primary output using your DVD/BD generated patterns.

Compare xyY values from 2 and 3. If they match then all is good. If they don't match within probe tolerances, then you can worry about which to trust (maybe neither) and how to reconcile the mismatch.
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Calibrating a display like a PC won' necessarily make it accurate for test patterns unless you confirm that every test pattern you will ever measure is correct on the PC. There are many degrees of calibration. Measuring 2 grayscale points and 6 colors doesn't really calibrate a display to reference standards, it only means those measured points are as accurate as the display can make them. There are over 16 million colors... for a display to be "reference quality, every one of those colors would have to be accurate... that usually will not happen by calibrating just 8 or 16 points.

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I have a weird laptop.
I used it on a LG CCFL LCD and everything tracked close to my BluRay player.
final cal was nice picture.
Gamma tracked well and changes in user menu showed in the calibration.
Flat line 2.22

So I try to cal my Panasonic Plasma.
The gamma does not change regardless of service menu changes or brightness or contrast changes.
the RGB balance doesn't change much at all after big changes.
Yet there is change in the white point and color points.
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