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rmongiovi's Avatar rmongiovi 06:20 PM 02-23-2014
I was driving home from the grocery store last night, and all I could think was, "Damn, I wish my headlights were D65...."

spacediver's Avatar spacediver 07:22 PM 02-23-2014
haha, that's great smile.gif

would come in handy when driving by drive-in theatres!
GeorgeAB's Avatar GeorgeAB 07:30 PM 02-23-2014
Commercial cinema projection does not use D65 as the reference white point. You're confusing video standards with cinema standards. That is a common error in the video hobbyist community.
spacediver's Avatar spacediver 07:32 PM 02-23-2014
ah right, forgot about this tongue.gif

DCI white point is x = 0.314, y = 0.351
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