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Gil80 08:18 PM 07-07-2014
Hi everyone,

Up until now, I thought I knew what I was doing with calibration but since I was introduced to ArgyllCSM/DispcalGUI.
I'm using i1Display Pro and 3 monitors of Dell U2412M.

All of them show different results when calibrating only (not profiling yet... which is another realm I'm encountering with issues)

It's hard to decide based on eye sight only, which white or gray is more neutral.
Even if I do, then I'm not too sure on how to get the other two monitor as close as possible to the one monitor which seems the most neutral to me.

When it comes to calibration 1st:
Question is, should I choose in DispcalGUI the White Point to [As Measured] or to [Colour Temperature]?

* If it's [As Measured] then I'm trying to reach a value of 6500K by messing with the RGB gains.

* if it's [Colour Temperature], then I'm trying to mess with the RGB gains to be centered BUT having them centered doesn't mean that they are reaching 6500K at all.

So how should I approach this calibration process and later on, how to have all monitors match?



Glenee's Avatar Glenee 06:52 PM 07-11-2014
I am also interested in your questions. I hope some of the Big Guns jump in and give us some answer's.
ZKACAL's Avatar ZKACAL 02:06 AM 07-12-2014
Based on what you stated, I would go with [As Measured]. But I'm not a "Big Gun" and I don't have experience with monitors so let's wait.
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