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DrPyro's Avatar DrPyro 08:10 AM 07-11-2014

A little background first...
I have a few questions about current & future color management requirements and potential upgrade to my X-Rite DTP-94 (Monaco Optix XR) sensor. I am routinely calibrating multiple NEC monitors using SpectraViewII software (internal LUTs) and the DPT-94 for my photography hobby. The DPT-94 might be a great tri-color sensor, but hasn't been calibrated or checked since purchased years ago and from what I have read it doesn't do well on wide Gamut monitors (which i just got recently). So I have started to become concerned with the color accuracy of my calibrations.

Second, I have an old, by AVS Forum standards, plasma TV (Pioneer PDP-6070HD) that has no color management system (CMS) onboard which has a fairly strong red push in grey scale that I would like to calibrate out when I move it to solely bluray Home Theater use (currently in the family room). To do this effectively, I believe I would need to use something like the eeColor LUT holder and CalMAN or other software. I'll be getting a new TV for the family room, perhaps a Panasonic or Visio LCD that I would like to calibrate (still looking into which would calibrate easily at a reasonable cost).

Since I must keep the SpectraView calibration capability, I'm quite limited on the choice of new pucks. The top two options are the X-Rite i1Display Pro or X-Rite i1Pro 2 Spectrophotometer. I can't get the SpectraCal C3 or C6 since I don't think they work with the SpectraView software

So the questions....
1) Could I just get the i1Pro2 spectro and calibrate/profile the DPT-94 to use on the plasma/LCD TVs? (Using CalMan)
2) The major complaint about the i1Pro2 is that it is "slow" and "not sensitive to low light levels", but compared to the DPT-94 and the fact i will be only using it in contact mode (no projector planned, did that years ago and $400 light bulbs every year or two was annoying for my household), is this really an issue?
3) I don't know what kind of LUT size the SpectraView software uses (but it isn't big), but the eeColor box is HUGE and could take a LONG time to calibrate with a slow meter. I would likely set the system to autocalibrate overnight, so is the i1Pro2 just fine for this or do I really need to calibrate the DPT-94 to speed up the measurements?

Thanks for the help!!

Rayjr's Avatar Rayjr 08:54 AM 07-12-2014
You have a PM.

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