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EAS's Avatar EAS 09:36 PM 09-28-2005
I don't know if this is ok to post in this forum or not so please fogive me if I am breaking the rules.

I am looking for an ISF tech to do some work on my CRT project in Chicago. I've emailed Ken for a quote twice, but never got a response. Not sure if I had the write email address or not. I've had very little luck finding anyone. I can pay for travel from other locations and have authorization for ~750 total. Please contact me via PM if you are interested.


Ericglo's Avatar Ericglo 12:18 PM 09-29-2005
PM or email Art or Cliff(overclkr). They should have his correct email and phone number.

cinemascope's Avatar cinemascope 12:32 AM 10-04-2005
What products are included in the CRT project??

Jim Burns is a local and one of the Godfathers of video calibration in the consumer realm.