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d1live's Avatar d1live 09:20 PM 09-29-2005
Iam looking to buy a Calibration DVD, I just wanted some advice on which DVD to buy Avia or Digital Video Essentials, the price on both are around $25 each or less on Ebay. My TV is a Toshiba 34HF85 and my stereo reciever is a Onkyo 6 ch... My TV is the may reason to buy one of these products, any advice would be greatly apreciated, Thanks

Ursa's Avatar Ursa 12:40 AM 09-30-2005
AVIA is easier to understand, but it does not have BTB/WTW patterns. DVE does. Basically, neither is perfect.
Halfrican's Avatar Halfrican 01:53 AM 09-30-2005
I have to agree, GET THEM BOTH, if you can get them at the great price that you listed. They both have some great tools, but neither is perfect.

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