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I'm in NW Iowa & looking for a calibrator in the area. I have a Pioneer PDP5010, and an Epson 5030UB that need to be done. The Pio was calibrated 4 yrs ago, & could use a tune up. The Epson has not been calibrated. Would appreciate a quote from someone in the area.

Thanks, Mike
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Originally Posted by umr View Post
Steve Martin is not doing this anymore. I travel to San Antonio and other parts of Texas.
Hi Jeff, Since I don't have 15 posts yet I can't send you a PM. :-(

I've been looking at your website and the services offered by your company. Since I'm pretty new to the whole A/V world, I'm not really sure what type of service I would need. I'm thinking I would just need the ISF video calibration that's listed on your site for $350. I think my setup is pretty simple compared to others on the forums. My setup is I have a PS3, Time Warner HD DVR cable box, chromecast, & computer all hooked up to my TV (Vizio P602ui-B3) through HDMI. The sound is run through a Vizio 5.1 soundbar connected by a digital optical cable.

I read on your website that a travel fee may apply also. Can you give me an approximate quote for service? You can PM me if you wish or my email is: terryscott621 at hotmail dot com. Thanks.
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hi guys!

Steve Martin, AKA Cheezmo, was part of the Lion AV group. He has retired. Doug Weil is now servicing Steve's former clients and area. ....or link via

Happy holidays!


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