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10-02-2005 | Posts: 1
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We just purchased the Panasonic 500U about a week ago. We have been reading at this very helpful site for over a year. I do have great audio equipment. We would appreciate if anyone in the NYC area knows about a great calibrator. A few have mentioned that is very difficult to get into the service menu and few calibrators would have the right equipment. How important is this anyway? Anyway, we would appreciate it if someone has had a good experience with a calibrator in this area. The Plasma looks very good already and we are having TWC install the cableCard this Tuesday and maybe have it calibrated a few weeks after that when we will be reaching the 200 hours play part. Thanks for any help you can give us.
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You may want to look in the sticky thread (once it gets more populated), and also change the title to "Seeking calibrator in NYC area". I was expecting a question on grayscale... ;)

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Always do a baisc calibration with Avia/DVE immediately upon getting a display!
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