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chartwel's Avatar chartwel 10:14 AM 02-01-2008
Originally Posted by chartwel View Post

does anyone know how to get into a sony 1080p KDL-46v2500 service menu? i read on this forum that the code is the following:

with set off, press display, then 5, then +volume, then power quickly. no matter how fast or slow, or many times i do this, it doesnt do wondering if it was the wrong code or if there is a trick to it?

posting again to see if someone can help.

BeltFedWeapon's Avatar BeltFedWeapon 09:59 AM 02-02-2008
Does anyone know the service menu for Hitachi P50V701? I have been using menu-menu-8-select and it does get me into a different menu, but I dont know if I'm doing something wrong or not because alls I can find in this menu is basically the drives for high med std or b/w but no cuts, or any other option that has to do with the picture itself (as far as I can tell). So I dont know if I'm in the right service menu and not pressing a specific button or if I'm in the wrong menu all together!!! Any feedback or help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
nicholc2's Avatar nicholc2 03:35 PM 02-09-2008
I'm looking for service menu code for Protron LCD HDTV's. Does anyone have any info on those?
natettu35's Avatar natettu35 12:29 AM 02-10-2008
dude this is a great thread idea!!
Gslide's Avatar Gslide 10:01 AM 02-10-2008
I wonder if anyone knows how to get into the EMPREX 3202H HDTV's Service menu, I know many people here got one from FRY's and the set seems cool for what it cost but the only problem I have with it is that the Backlight seems to be too powerful, also the GAMMA or CONTRAST seems too high on HDMi(PS3 browser shows grays too bright), other then that it is fine.
oobymach's Avatar oobymach 02:20 PM 02-11-2008
Looking for service menu for NEC 1940wcxm or possibly the generic cx series service menu. The only nec monitor codes I can find online don't work for this particular monitor so I'm trying my luck here.

EDIT: I found it on my own.

1. Mute Volume
2. Go to info pane w. serial number
3. Press reset/mode, volume + and volume - all at once and release.
albani's Avatar albani 01:31 PM 02-24-2008
Asking you the access code for service menu
fo SHARP 32" LC-AD5E(Sharp's European opreration
HiHoStevo's Avatar HiHoStevo 02:02 PM 02-25-2008
I noticed on the BruZZi website that it does not mention projectors?

I have searched this thread, but have not found anyone asking for these:

InFocus SP7210

Mitsubishi HD1000U

Runco VX5000D

If anyone has the codes or if BruZZi can come up with them I would appreciate it!!
gatsu_kun's Avatar gatsu_kun 05:25 PM 02-25-2008
Hi, my set is a Samsung TX-P2665W

I would like to know how to access the service menu please, can someone help with that?

TJG55's Avatar TJG55 12:51 PM 02-26-2008
Display is a Tosh 50HP66 plasma. Have worked on it before in service menu. Tried yesterday and standard method of service entry (vol- on set and 9 on remote for >2sec) DOES NOT WORK! What's up with this? Have done a dozen of these and never had any prob. Need help. Please advise.
angryht's Avatar angryht 02:11 PM 02-26-2008
Westinghouse LTV-40w1 HDC.........please.
I tried the three methods on the Bruzzi Forum and they did not work.

marcelo_cr's Avatar marcelo_cr 07:59 AM 03-05-2008
Anyone know where can I get the Service Manual for Sanyo PLV-Z2000?
SirPwn4g3's Avatar SirPwn4g3 08:04 PM 03-10-2008
I'd love to know how to get to the service menu for an Olevia 232T. Thanks very much!
mstrorr's Avatar mstrorr 08:25 AM 03-12-2008
Anyone know how to change the "clamp" or "sync/timing" settings in the service menu of a Mits WS- series HDTV? I am trying to resolve the color banding issues related to the HDMI to component converter. Thanks.
fastsilicon's Avatar fastsilicon 09:48 PM 03-23-2008
I've been searching around for some time for the service menu code for this 32" LCD HDTV, the Emerson LC320EM8

The Funai/Emerson/Symphonic codes on Bruzzi's don't seem to work. At least if I'm getting the correct button sequences. My remote (as do most Funai and Symphonic remotes I've seen recently) doesnt have buttons explicitly called RECALL or DISPLAY. I've went under the assumption that these would be CH RETURN (which recalls the last channel) and either SCREEN MODE or INFO...

Any help appreciated.
SpeedEuphoria's Avatar SpeedEuphoria 11:21 PM 03-30-2008
Hey I have an Olevia 537H, I tried the "source" + "vol-" + "ch-", but nothing. I searched the thread and didn't find anything about the 537H so any info please?
Thanks in advance
turbe's Avatar turbe 12:22 PM 04-01-2008
Originally Posted by SpeedEuphoria View Post

Hey I have an Olevia 537H, I tried the "source" + "vol-" + "ch-", but nothing. I searched the thread and didn't find anything about the 537H so any info please?
Thanks in advance


B11 or B12? What is your firmware version?

You have to hit all three precisely at the same time, try several times. Verify the buttons you are pressing, the Channel Down is next to the Menu Button (Olevia did not keep the Vol/Channel +/- placement consistent).

It has worked on every 537h I have tried.

From another post:
Originally Posted by SpeedEuphoria View Post

How did you access the service menu? I assume via the RS232C port, but what did you connect it to?

This has been covered long ago... for the record, the 537h (both B11 and B12) respond to the SOURCE, VOLUME DOWN (vol -) and CHANNEL DOWN [Ch-) Buttons (on the TV itself) at the same time and will enter the Service Menu. MENU Button will exit. YOU NEED TO HAVE THE TV POWERED ON TO ENTER THE SERVICE MENU!

I had been working on a ControlCAL Display Profile (see link in my signature below) for the 537h's which would allow you too access several controls via RS232 during calibration, but I got side tracked with the Pioneer ISF Display Profile.

First screen cap is the B11, 2nd is the B12 (sorry for cap quality, I simply used the camera in my phone):

Herold's Avatar Herold 03:41 AM 04-06-2008
Anyone have the code for the service menu
for my samsung syncmaster 244t
Many Thanks.
Zenak's Avatar Zenak 07:27 AM 04-14-2008
I'm looking to correct an overscan issue with my Xbox 360, does anyone have the service menu code for the Pioneer 533HD5?
bhairavp's Avatar bhairavp 05:14 AM 04-28-2008
Philips PFL7422D/98 - I have this (Europe/Asia) specific model.. anyone with the service menu codes?
Innersense's Avatar Innersense 02:00 PM 04-28-2008
Hello people

I own an LG 32LE2R and i have entered in the service menu trought "press menu in remote + in menu in tv".

Today i have presed and keep menu in remote and a 4 digits pin prompt pop up to "enter password"!

I have tried "0000", "7777", "8741", "9876" (+"1111", "4286" wich i found in some forums) but none worked and i get "wrong password".

Does any know the pass for 32LE2R?

Thanks in advance
schlick's Avatar schlick 07:26 AM 05-08-2008
Anyone have access to, and willing to share the training manual on this chassis? It would be deeply appreciated.

Negative Design's Avatar Negative Design 11:46 AM 05-08-2008
Sceptre X46BV please.

vorti's Avatar vorti 06:13 PM 05-11-2008
The codes out there don't seem to work for my

Would appreciate if someone has the codes for the latest models

Mine is Sony Bravia 32L4000

lcaillo's Avatar lcaillo 06:23 PM 05-11-2008
Left, Right, Muting, Select, Muting, Menu

is the method to get into the service menu on these units, but it will not do you much good. You cannot change anything, only review the settings.
vorti's Avatar vorti 06:36 PM 05-11-2008
so i guess im out of luck on getting rid of that nasty overscan ... unless i swap the tv out

jasonfmc's Avatar jasonfmc 09:00 PM 05-17-2008
Looking for Byd:sign d:4232, please... any help would be appreciated.


ChuckZ's Avatar ChuckZ 12:53 AM 05-18-2008
Bruzzi, I'd like the service menu code to my Magnavox 20MC4304/17 CRT television with built-in DVD/VCR player.

Here is the product page:

Magnavox 20MC4304/17

Note that the remote supplied with the television doesn't have a MENU, INFO, or STATUS button. I've done some Googling for Magnavox service menu codes and all I've found mention the use of one of those three buttons in the button sequence.

Thanks for your help. This television desperately needs adjustment. I get purple splotches in the corner whenever there is a brown color on screen.
wizurd's Avatar wizurd 12:14 AM 05-22-2008
Would love a service code for this commercial Philips display

vorti's Avatar vorti 02:02 PM 05-26-2008
looking for 32L4000 service codes
the ones available online don't seem to be working
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